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So, I know this isn't /a/'s favorite subject but I need some other perspectives. I bought the blu-ray release of Castle In The Sky and the subtitles are horrendous. Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a factor on the other Ghibli blu-rays?

Any help is appreciated.

What do you mean

Actually showing what the problem is would be nice.
Unfortunately, I don't have any screenshots for you. There are times when people are speaking and there are no subtitles, there are sometimes subtitles when no one is speaking, and sometimes people will be in the middle of a line before the subtitles show up.

I got halfway through the film and turned the subtitles off and just watched it raw.
Are you sure you're using the subtitles and not closed captions?
The former is for the Japanese script, the latter matches the English audio.
Well, I went through them while on the Japanese audio. The first were the truncated English subs, the second said English but no subs actually showed, and the last were French.

Am I stupid and missing something?
Sorry, I only have the German release, so I can't check.
You dun goof'd. There's normally two subtitle tracks, one is for the Japanese audio and one is for the English dub. If it only has one track then I'd recommend just pirating the movie since it'll come with the right track.

Also, I think the problem lies in the fact that you bought the Disney Blu-Ray Release rather than the Studio Ghibli Collection Blu-Ray.
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