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Are there any manga or anime in which a loner protagonist doesn't come to this realization, but instead decides that he/she prefers to stay alone? I thought (or at least hoped) that Mori was going to satisfy that criteria, but he betrayed my expectations. Still, I thought Mori was a fascinating character for most of the manga.

That said, Kokou no Hito was a fantastic manga. Despite the weak latter part; not just because of his change in character, the ending was atrocious. Or maybe I missed something. From a story perspective, what's up with the asspull survival ending? The author just got too attached to the character?
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> betrayed my expectations

Except that he remained loner. You won't just "change" and suddenly decide to be social star. He just decided to accept his surroundings. He fell in love with a woman and had a choice (a) stay alone and live in a mountain cottage or (b) bear social contact with others, stay in the city and have a woman he loved. He chose love and let's not kid ourselves most of us would do the same.

> ending

Author wanted to be original and shroud the whole thing in ambiguity. Buntarou might as well be dead and what we saw were only images popping up in his head in his last moments. Or you can take it that the mountain-climber Katou Buntarou died that night but husband and father Katou Buntarou survived.

Seriously, it's nice that you liked the main character but this manga obviously isn't for you. You are supposed to think about this stuff yourself and not going on /a/ (or anywhere else) going "Me do not understand, please explain."
In the earlier parts of the manga, I thought there was a theme of isolation but also an acceptance of the isolation that made the manga unique. Although it would have been interesting for things to say that way, I recognize that the character development was a logical progression in the story; what bothered me when he "adapted" was that there wasn't really any sacrifice involved. He found love, stated getting along with coworkers, started enjoying being around other people, and yet he still climbed the mountain. I feel like in the final arc it would have been more appropriate for Mori to give up mountain climbing or to forsake his family for the sake of his dream, but he not only climbed K2 but lived to tell about it and was still climbing in the last chapter.

I don't get the impression of ambiguity from the ending at all. Not only that, I read the author's note and it seems like it was a pretty clear decision to change the story and keep him alive.

If you don't think it's appropriate to discuss series on /a/, why are you even here? Wouldn't it lead to a greater understanding if you not only thought about the manga by yourself but compared your thoughts to that of others?
> If you don't think it's appropriate to discuss series on /a/, why are you even here?

If you want to lead a discussion you start with an actual worthy input and then others will follow and present their points of view on the matter. "What's up with the asspull survival ending?" is not how you start intelligent discussion. But this is life, you did it wrong this time, you will do it right next time.
Eh, I don't know about that. I think that if I made an elaborate argument in the first post you would feel intimidated and not volunteer your own thoughts on the matter. It might also be advantageous to keep the OP short and open-ended so as not to immediately influence the opinions of others.

Nevertheless, at this time you (and anyone else) are welcome to present your own "worthy input" and I will do my best to respond.
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I loved the manga all the way through.
It pulled off the "lone wolf" character thing much better than anything else I've read/watched, and I appreciated that.
When Mori starts coming out of his shell, I felt a little betrayed, but after thinking about it, it made sense.
Then, his decision to climb K2 anyway made his past actions really mean something. It proved that loner/Climber Mori was still hidden deep inside him the whole time. Even if he had this whole happy family thing going for him, he could never completely turn his back on mountains, and especially his dream, K2.

The ending felt kind of strange since it strayed from the real story. Then again, most of the manga was probably original stuff, and we'll never know.
Holy shit that image is old. I apologize
psychopass where kou(the MC) leaves the bitch who is licking the D of a giant robot to look for a criminal that uses /b/ as his personal blog when looking for advises about international level crimes.
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A mandatory "Read Goodnight, Punpun if you still hadn't" before everything.

Kokou no hito is wonderful, but I also think that the ending has some troubles, probably because Fukushima happened right during those days so the author chose to display a more positive ending.
Or he decided that he liked Buntaro, so he "killed" him without him actually die.

Still, always worth the read. Best part, when the MC is in the climbing party right before the avalanche.

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