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With the final episode of rose guns days being released about a month ago, what will the next project of Ryukushi07/07th Expansion be?

Will the gods have mercy upon us and present us with a new installation in the When They Cry universe at this years Comiket?

also, general when they cry thread
Already announced. It's some sort of space, sci-fi series.
SPAAAAAAAACE no naku koro ni has been confirmed a while ago
Is rose gun days any good
this better be good..
fuck, why'd it have to be space of all things..
Wait, witches in space?
Holy shit, source?
Foreshadowed by Krauss' moon hotels.
>With the final episode of rose guns days being released about a month ago, what will the next project of Ryukushi07/07th Expansion be?


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It's alright. I liked Higanbana quite a bit more.
Does Higanbana even compare to seacats?
Depends. Did you like Umineko? Then Higanabana probably isn't as good. Did you dislike Umineko? Then you'll probably like Higanbana a bit more.

I loved Umineko, but still liked Higanbana. Let me break it down...Higanbana is:

- A much smaller scale work. It's not an epic.
- Pure horror/supernatural, with no mystery or "meta" elements.
- Extremely dark, moreso than Umineko or Higurashi. It's a near constant cavalcade of bullying, rape, and suicidal thoughts.
- An anthology with frequent twists, much like "Twilight Zone."

I feel like it had the same "magic" as his previous works. If you liked Higurashi or Umineko, I recommend it.
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I'll have to wait until Winter for the next WTC to come out.

Then I'll have to wait another year (or more) for it to get translated.

God, why.
In the meantime, you could learn moon.
Oh boy, I can't wait for The Crying Game meets And Then There Were None meets Sleepaway Camp in Space.
Ryukishi07 is all, "Now I want to write a mystery...and now pure horror...and now, a noir crime story...and now, why not, science fiction?"
>linking to reddit like it's a perfectly OK thing to do
has it really come to this

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