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Remember when Telecom digital unit's said that (source here http://digi-tal.seesaa.net/article/353199125.html ).

"But Aikatsu...; Never mind about that, the cherry haired girl (referring to LilPri's Ringo) is coming back soon so please wait for it, plus it's cute."

Well, TMS pulled a Peter Pan And The Pirates by using Zooey Deschanel as a lead voice for LilPri season 3 like they did for Tim Curry on Peter Pan.

Plot: When a evil queen try to take over fairyland, she ends up surrendering due to that she can't take over the kingdom by herself; Instead of jail time, she is put on community service on Earth by watching after 3 girls named Ringo, Leira & Natsuki, however, 4 years had past since the girls became LilPri, hence, that don't remember how to turn into LilPri and with no Ma-Pets, it will be even harder for the girls, but with the ex-queen helping them, the LilPro girls will be back to bringing Happiness Tones back to Fairyland again.

Good Idea? or not, I hope I'm not just crying for help here, I give you guys sources for this, so we might have a chance of this really happing.

If you are wondering about series 2, it was just a batch of 5 minute CG shorts from Studio 4C, link here.
Ask Tumblr, they have a real effect on the animation industry.
I'm sorry MrFamicom, I can't even understand your posts anymore.
I'm not him.
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All TMS needs to do is go back to Aikatsu, fuck everything else.
Why do you still insist?
I'm not him either.

Anyway, anything to wash out Z/X out of our mouths (still better then Superman Vs The Elite however); I know people what TMS to do season 3 of Aikatsu for Sunrise or a Aikatsu movie, but LilPri is TMS own work, not helping out for another studio like Sunrise as is the case for Aikatsu.
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How does this mak you feel?

Hey Mr Famicom, you might enjoy this article.
The blue & pink rabbits say other wise, but maybe a LilPri X Aikatsu crossover might work.
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Telecom need to bring back the Blue and Blonde idol.
>The blue & pink rabbits say other wise
Where are you getting this from?
I'm not him, but the site is riddle with typos.

Hiyoyuki Aoyama was stationed at Telecom for this (the last thing before Dandy he did for them was a Aikatsu CM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnYloy8ktx4 ) He did have a freelancing gig at one point, but after The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, he mostly stayed at Telecom, with the only time he did work for other studios was with Summer War's pre-production & A Letter To Momo (of which he only did the 2 films so that he can get 2 pay checks), he stayed at Telecom other wise after that.

Atsuko Tanaka & Kenji Hachizaki never left Telecom & Ghibli still uses Telecom, even as of now.
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Thats Sunrise's show, Telecom might get a episode of it every now and then.
< This.
Do you have any evidence to back that up? Something concrete, not just "muh 2CH posts".



Your Welcome.
How do those links even support your points?
I don't understand this thread it feels very surreal.
First link talks about a rough Idea about the show.

The second link is from Telecom's digital unit's blog, they said that "the cherry haired girl (referring to LilPri's Ringo) is coming back soon" in the blog post.

I found better sources then 2ch; You like them?
To streamline the OP post, TMS is making another western production.
Where did you get the plot synopsis from?
...that blog post is almost a year old, and what it says is that the the pink haired girl is about to make her entrance. And that refers to Sakura, an Aikatsu character that was about to be introduced back then. You're so stupid it's amazing.
This has nothing to do with Aikatsu's Sakura, high class shows take a year to make, this is not your stander 52 episode series, with the IGN post from mounts later, were getting some info about LilPri series 3.
It isn't on there.

How about now?

Mind you, it's just a rough Idea, but with the TMS ties, it points to LilPri coming back as they can't leach off of Sunrise forever.
According to The Wrap, "The show is a modern fairytale about an evil queen who realizes that running a Queendom isn’t easy when you have no people skills and everyone hates you. But with a little help from her staff, she will try to change her ways."

Zooey Deschanel is no stranger to animation, having guest starred on American Dad and The Simpsons. She also co-starred in Sony's animated penguin feature, Surf's Up.
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>Zooey Deschanel voice and mannerisms
>glorious 2D waifu mode

So they wrote a post explicitly saying that "very soon" a pink haired girl was about to be introduced 2 weeks before Sakura appeared (effectively 1, since she was in the preview), but what they actually meant was that LilPri would get a third season a year afterward.

Holy shit you're very special.
››you're very special
Thank IGN for that one.

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