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File: 1391490098757.png (4.85 KB, 427x257)
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Describe an anime in four lines. I'll start.

>Playing hide and seek
>Then a storm appeared
>Came upon a house
>Jesus Christ
File: 1380007943555.jpg (95.32 KB, 720x480)
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95.32 KB JPG
>get raped
>loves dicks now
>be beta
>It's all your fault
>Don't do thing
>Don't do thing
>Does thing
File: Spoiler Image (455.91 KB, 853x480)
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455.91 KB PNG
>be beta
>lose memories
>be alpha
>haunted by beta
>It's shit.
>Shittier than shit.
>Even shittier than that.
>Why does Japan like it so much?
>play video game
>stuck in video game
>video games suck we must escape
>two years of semen
Rebuild 3.0
that was too easy
>be best girl
>win in 7 episodes
>worst girl wins later
>title drop
>Hates, doesn't understand it
>Best in the world at it
>Cannot be beaten at it
>Learns to love and understand it
>Enemy Appears
>Stronger than everyone
>Now stronger than Enemy
>new student
>witless beta
>many girls interested in sex
>don't do anything
What is Infinite Stratos 2?
True Tears
Dragonball Z
Christ and I barely even watch Anime.

Or come here. Sorry if the spoil doesn't work.
giant robots
dirty ganjin
even bigger robots
possible incest
Ouran High School Host club obviously
well this could be ANYTHING
File: Spoiler Image (248.95 KB, 880x1355)
248.95 KB
248.95 KB JPG
>adopt kawaii daughteru
>get hot milf
>easy waifu choice
>ya blew it.jpg
>Main cast is a bunch of badasses
>Help their clan by kicking other groups' shit in
>Great fanservice
>10 episodes, S2 never
But he won in the end.
>kiss kiss fall in love!
>Get hypnotized or mindbroken
>Oh man I really got to take a shit in front of a bunch of people.
>Hipster steals from girl
>Weird girl blackmails him
>There is no comedy here
>Only psychological trauma
We're the true target audience anon
>tfw no boy that's secretly a girl GF
File: 1386441343352.jpg (22.20 KB, 509x388)
22.20 KB
22.20 KB JPG
It's Golden Time.
>Big Tits
>New World
>s2 never
>be model
>go to sex cult
>be slut
>start work
>I'm interested in a girl
>I won't tell her how I feel
>I think she knows how I feel
You're so sharp, I bet you cut things by looking at them.
actually I can't stand pone, and it's driven me away from a few groups of people I used to hang out with.

Nicely made? Sure. Everything else? I'd rather rewatch Gunsmith Cats.
>beta boy
>grill with magic power
>beta boy with magic powers
Half of new anime is like this.
File: OHSHC.jpg (13.84 KB, 284x177)
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13.84 KB JPG
This is now an Ouran thread. All other animus need not apply.
>come to think of it I'd better put Gunsmith Cats on my Surface
>that and re-start Kana By Hand tomorrow
>Main character gets challenged by some fag
>Main character accepts
>Main characters sees his opponent's D
>Main character shows a better D
>worst girl
>best girl, dies
>bullshit happy ending
That describes the entire shonen genre
>Main character is late for school
>Bumps into a girl on his way to school
>There is a transfer student
>It's the girl MC bumped into
>main character already saw opponent's D
>main character knew he had a better D
Initial D
>Jon Stewart
>gets raped as teen
>almost gets raped as adult
>gets gang raped
>moves out of japan
Yugioh 5Ds?
Aku no Pico
>have fun
>shit happens
>go insane
>loop (?)
File: 1381876575347.gif (1.23 MB, 404x394)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF

What if I told you that cliche has been parodied more than actually used straight?
>wants to be hokage
>wants to be hokage
>wants to be hokage
>doesn't get to be hokage

greatest anime.
>tfw no gf
What is one piece?
File: 1335966854351.png (33.32 KB, 97x156)
33.32 KB
33.32 KB PNG
Log Horizon
u got it. made it to ez
What is anything by Key
>tfw no boyfriendo
>we know dat feel
>we didn't take responsibility
File: 1389646924048.jpg (12.91 KB, 363x364)
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12.91 KB JPG
I'm more interested in this than anything
>Sisters want to fuck MC
>Every girl imaginable wants to fuck MC
>MC wants to fuck all girls
>Nobody fucks
no, that would be something like
>wants to be friendly pirate
>gets to be friendly pirate
>does friendly things
>fight non-friendly pirates
Hahah, we both posted the same thing. I guess we just love the D.

It goes with everything and you know it
High-School DXD

>Skipping class
>Truck accident
>Become the Batman
>MC is given a boat ride and money
>MC takes a tour on a bridge, given more money
>MC is seated to a discourse on wealth disparity, given more money
>Despite this, MC's feelings towards the situation are best described as negative
Actually, in most harems the MC pussies out all the time while in the show I described in >>101569413 they do lewd stuff all the time but never fuck.
>wacky bf
>befriends bully
>it's all shit from there
>Everything okay
>Something changes
>Everyone dies
>Everything okay

If you know it you are mah nigga
>mc gets a credit card
>mc gets a horny girl
>horny girl is possible sister/future daughter or some shit
>kissu in the end anyway
Nice recommendation thread, fagets.
Hasn't come out in the past 3 years.
It's fucking famous.

Come on /a/, this shit is easy.
Alternatively, S;G has a similar concept but Okabe doesn't really turn insane. At least. not in the anime version.
File: Spoiler Image (50.13 KB, 618x400)
50.13 KB
50.13 KB JPG
What is True Detective?
>a duel
>win duel
>the horses were waiting
It's not really a recommendation thread because someone who hasn't seen the anime won't know the answer. There's also no separation between good and bad anime.

Still a shit thread, but not a recommendation thread.
>MC is mentally disabled and somewhat suicidal unvoluntarily
>Becomes a superhero
>Fight aliens with other superheroes
I loled, good show too
File: 1391135612925.jpg (46.29 KB, 1674x854)
46.29 KB
46.29 KB JPG
>Dude things world is normal
>Dude finds out world isn't nirmal
>Slice of life
>Dude never bands MC who obviously wants him
Reminds me of Tatami Galaxy.
>wacky side kicks that never die
>overpowered happy girl
>are we still in namek.jpg
mods what the fuck

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