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How does one get sempai to notice you?
bite a white fish
Sucks to be Sakura though.
Shirou is already a superior house waifu.

Shirou knows he is beaten. He says it himself, that she is already almost better at him in Japanese, makes her own custom made sweets with Taiga's gifts and he doesn't know how to bake, and does everything around the house perfectly, from sewing to home repairs. She even has several personal recipe books and seasoning combinations. All this when Shirou says she could barely do onigiri when she first arrived.

Even Shinji, who hates her guts, says her cooking is better than restaurant quality. Ilya loves her beef stew.
Yeah, but Shirou doesn't have worms and will never betray his husbando.
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> Even slutty dresses didn't work
Get a nonshitty voice, kiss him and say "I love you".
If it doesn't work, give him a wake up blowjob.
I think she actually tried that second one. Didn't work too well.

Welp, you got me there, yuk yuk.

But seriously, Shirou is so threatened, he tries to wake up early to beat her to the kitchen, its cute.

He really should stop being so tsundere, he knows he enjoys cooking with his student.
When/how? I haven't read FHA

She told him she loved him like three times in HF.

She is even more forward in HA, but lets be honest, you'd have to have the density of a neutron star not to see her feelings by that point.
Don't be aggressive or proactive.
Don't wear slutty clothes or suggest anything sexual to him.
Don't be better than him at anything.
All these things turn off the typical Japanese harem protagonist.

Get yourself into situations where you need to be rescued and protected.
Break an arm or leg so that he has to take care of you for a decent length of time.
Make sure you behave prim, proper, and nonsexual at all times. If you ever get into a lewd situation, be embarrassed, flustered, and angry.
The thing with Shirou is, his self-esteem is nonexistent. When he notices a girl's advances he goes "Hah, no way any girl ever would see me as a man", and takes this to absurd levels.

Being Brutally honest is the only way.
Break his legs and rape him, boys love that.
>The thing with Shirou is, his self-esteem is nonexistent.

That's true.

>When he notices a girl's advances he goes "Hah, no way any girl ever would see me as a man", and takes this to absurd levels.
I think it's more that he finds a relationship with an underclassman and the sister of a friend inappropriate (partially due to his superhero delusion), so he just goes into denial over Sakura's feelings, and by extension his own.
Actually use words like "love", "date" and "boyfriend" when confessing that you like him. Go for a kiss.

>Be proactive
She practically lives with him and has her own key, no girl is going to be that forward unless they like you. Strike one.
>Don't wear slutty clothes
Shirou is already attracted to her, he just doesn't admit it. And he seems to appreciate her more refined taste and mannerisms. Strike two.
>Don't be better at him in anything
She is already better at him in several aspects of cooking and even teased him on it once. Besides, Rin is better at him in Chinese, and that didn't lower his attraction to her. Strike three. You're out.

On the other points, she has saved him twice and never asked for thanks in the game. He realized this later.

She was actually in trouble, so her sickness couldn't be helped. Still tries to do whatever she can even when ill.

She was the least sexually embarrassed of the girls, and actually reciprocated quite heavily.
>She was the least sexually embarrassed of the girls

What a slut

She does in Hollow. The only reason she never got truly serious was because she was kind of a living captive. Once that is done, you can tick off a list the amount of aggressive things she does. Asks him out, makes out with him underwater, has her kouhai take cellphone picture of them out eating crepes and doesn't give a fuck whose watching. If anything, its Shirou who ends up embarrassed at her forwardness. Even Rin doesn't go that far.
Is it bad if a girl is willing to put out?

If its just for the MC sure but remember she has taken the Shinji dick.

Also penis worms
She wasn't willing in these cases. Unless you think that submitting to rape in order to avoid additional torture counts as consent, in which case one could argue that giving a woman a choice to be fucked or shot means it's not rape.

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