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ITT Random unexpected anime/manga occurrences in real life. Completely random pic unrelated.

Recently I was at the mall and I passed by a kiosk where the salesman was idly messing around on his computer, not actually working. I was behind him so I could easily see his computer (and so could everyone in the mall.) And what is he doing?
Reading manga with lolis in it. While working at the mall.
I stopped in my steps, contemplated saying something, but then I figured I really had nothing to say because I hate that genre and it was too random to point out.

Another strange incident, I was rather suprised when I was driving down the road and saw some one with a particular anime-related messenger bag. This street had no sidewalks, was in a small town where people really don't walk down this street ever, so seeing anyone at all is rare. Not only that, but it was the exact same messenger bag I have, a rather hard to find Samurai Champloo one. The chances are goddamn slim of these factors coming together.
But that's also the day I decided to stop wearing that bag and get a normal, non-anime bag...
Blog. /a/ is not yours.
oh common there's 1000 threads like this a day
I supose if I posted this at 1am people would have actually replied
that's a pretty hot picture.
You do that.

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