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Hey there. I'm going to be dumping a series that is no longer being worked on.

Anthropomorphic squidbutt begins her invasion of mankind, hijinks ensue, you probably know the rest. Got an anime, new season when?

Chapters are 8 pages long usually. Here's to hoping that someone picks it up.
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It's no longer being worked one?
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Hooray! (?)

I won a Noumen Rider alarm clock!

>おー 能面ライダーふりかけの目覚まし時計100名プレゼント当選したのか!!
Oh- they chose 100 people to receive the Alarm clock with the Noumen Rider (furikake dish)


Is that doll a clock?

It seems if you set the time Noumen rider will wake you with his lines!

How about we test it by ringing it now?

Let's leave it to look forard to tomorrow morning!
(I suck way too much and am too slow to do this properly...)
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>no longer being worked on

What? Why?

Last time I checked there were several groups translating this.
File: gessoo.jpg (172.51 KB, 1280x720)
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837.44 KB JPG

Then you are out of the loop.

Vistrans is too busy, the previous group shut down.
File: ika13_061.jpg (758.83 KB, 1005x1600)
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758.83 KB JPG
File: ika13_062.jpg (829.07 KB, 1005x1600)
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829.07 KB JPG
There haven't been any releases in over half a year now.

In 8 months they couldn't translate at least 8 pages. It's dead, man. Dead.
The next morning

Noumen rider kiiiiick!!

What on earth is that Takeru!?

Ah, sorry, did it wake you?

>ああ。。なんだ 目覚ましか。。。
Oh, the Alarm clock huh?

It's really noisy...
File: ika13_063.jpg (837.10 KB, 1006x1600)
837.10 KB
837.10 KB JPG
File: ika13_064.jpg (751.56 KB, 1006x1600)
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Oh, I should stop wasting time re-translating dead projects
File: ika13_065.jpg (741.57 KB, 1005x1600)
741.57 KB
741.57 KB JPG

Goddammit ;_;

Someone should really pick this back up.
File: ika13_066.jpg (719.59 KB, 1005x1600)
719.59 KB
719.59 KB JPG
Well, if the guy that's translating these right now is gonna go for the entire chapter, I'm willing to clean these and throw his translation in, but I've literally never done this and it'd probably look like shit.
File: ika13_067.jpg (825.57 KB, 1004x1600)
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825.57 KB JPG
File: ika13_068.jpg (875.22 KB, 1004x1600)
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875.22 KB JPG
Let's go, let me get out of bed and do these properly. I've literally never translated either, it'll be perfect
File: 1334196005242.png (120.27 KB, 267x562)
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120.27 KB PNG
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Mind, I skipped 'de-geso' in
>Is that doll a clock?
File: ika13_071.jpg (776.57 KB, 1003x1600)
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What's the name of the chapter, by the way?
File: ika13_074.jpg (822.24 KB, 1003x1600)
822.24 KB
822.24 KB JPG
10,000 internets to you if you could pull this off.
File: ika13_075.jpg (629.62 KB, 1007x1600)
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629.62 KB JPG
File: ika13_076.jpg (726.26 KB, 1007x1600)
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Crap, I don't even have fonts. What's the standard, Wildwords?
File: ika13_077.jpg (811.44 KB, 1006x1600)
811.44 KB
811.44 KB JPG
File: ika13_078.jpg (774.17 KB, 1006x1600)
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Why did you have to set it at such an early time though?

It's still 5am...

I wanted to try it out quicly at any cost...

Though I still am sleepy...

ああ もう少し寝とけ
Ah, go and sleep a little longer.


大丈夫か たける!!
Takeru! Are you okay?!

ごめん コレけっこう音大きいね。。。
Sorry, This sure is noisy....

Just now was the clock too!?

They put in the enemy's death cry?!
File: ika13_079.jpg (795.99 KB, 1006x1600)
795.99 KB
795.99 KB JPG
Isn't that an alarm clock? (Typical 'Ika' pun on the end, so your worst)
File: ika13_080.jpg (870.15 KB, 1006x1600)
870.15 KB
870.15 KB JPG
Wild words, Komika axis.
File: ika13_081.jpg (955.59 KB, 1005x1600)
955.59 KB
955.59 KB JPG
File: 1375923121878.jpg (186.23 KB, 800x800)
186.23 KB
186.23 KB JPG
Wait so nobodies translating squid girl? That's a shame. I could do it when I've got some spare time I suppose.

>Chapter 234 : Squisn't it a cavity?
>{Sharp pain}

Ika-neechan, you can finish off my shaved ice.

You don't want it?

What's wrong Takeru, you got a sore tooth/cavity?

Might have...

If it is it's better to get it checked out right away.


No fucking way am I going!!

Don't need to fret like that, it'll be over before you know it.

Yeah, they've got anaesthetic too so you don't need to worry Takeru.

You guys have never had cavities before so that's why you can be so casual about it!
Anyway I'm not freaking going!!


(Takeru getting that heated and stubbornly refusing like that... what the heck kinda place is this 'dentist' anysquid...)

Anyway, could you go and drag him back here please?

Got it!


Squid sister!
File: ika13_082.jpg (807.79 KB, 1005x1600)
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807.79 KB JPG
File: ika13_083.jpg (841.50 KB, 1006x1600)
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File: ika13_084.jpg (979.09 KB, 1006x1600)
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979.09 KB JPG
Horrible translations
File: ika13_085.jpg (906.20 KB, 1002x1600)
906.20 KB
906.20 KB JPG
Can a ragtag bunch of anons release a chapter today? Stay tuned to find out.
File: ika13_086.jpg (785.18 KB, 1002x1600)
785.18 KB
785.18 KB JPG
File: ika13_087.jpg (128.04 KB, 1008x1600)
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128.04 KB JPG
Damn. I'd help translate but I have to be at work in a half hour
File: ika13_088.jpg (135.38 KB, 1008x1600)
135.38 KB
135.38 KB JPG
File: ika13_089.jpg (804.55 KB, 1006x1600)
804.55 KB
804.55 KB JPG
Seems that on it is written "200 famous lines are recorded"

It's inflated with trivial lines!

With this it'll be fun waking up every morning!

Is that... Is that so de-geso...

みんなー 朝ごはんできたわよー
Everyone!Breakfast is ready!


Rubadubdub thanks for the grub!


なんだ この音楽は
What's that music?

TenTenTereTeTTe-N~ (clean these up onamatopoeia a shit)

I can hear it from Takeru's room de-geso


But I turned the alarm off...
File: ika13_090.jpg (794.91 KB, 1006x1600)
794.91 KB
794.91 KB JPG
That’s not even onomatopoeia, I’m an idiot, whatever
File: ika13_091.jpg (748.24 KB, 1004x1600)
748.24 KB
748.24 KB JPG
File: ika13_092.jpg (820.85 KB, 1004x1600)
820.85 KB
820.85 KB JPG
File: 1376607836218.jpg (309.04 KB, 1000x917)
309.04 KB
309.04 KB JPG
Even if you lecture me to go too I'm definitely not gonna go sqis!

I haven't even squidding said anything yet!

Is the dentist really that fearful of a place de tentacle?

Bwah! Bweahmoumou!

They inject you with things into your gums, chip away at your teeth with drills, you could even get holes!

I went last year for fillings and I've worked extra hard ever since so that I never have to go again...

Do... doriru de testicle......

Do you wanna go check it out?

Hmm... I do kinda wanna test my mantle and see how scary it is de canticle...

Genreral - Paediatric - Angelic

It's just a regular building squisn't it?

Have a peak inside.

*Kyweeee SHUUKOOOOO Drilldrilldrilldrilldrill moe kyun*


Okay, just bear with it for a little longer ne

You'd did from that shquit!!!


To think the dentist would be such a fearful place... I completely approve of your hard-headed resistance earlier Takeru!

I'm your ally little human!

Thank you Ika-sister!


I brought some lollies back! (NB:Lollies means candy or sweets)
File: ika13_093.jpg (767.59 KB, 1005x1600)
767.59 KB
767.59 KB JPG
File: ika13_094.jpg (824.39 KB, 1005x1600)
824.39 KB
824.39 KB JPG
File: ika13_095.jpg (821.95 KB, 1004x1600)
821.95 KB
821.95 KB JPG
>(furikake dish)

Should I include that in the text?
File: ika13_096.jpg (728.98 KB, 1004x1600)
728.98 KB
728.98 KB JPG
Ask the non-existant editor. It's a dish with no direct translation, google some kinda fitting name
File: ika13_097.jpg (871.07 KB, 1002x1600)
871.07 KB
871.07 KB JPG
File: ika13_098.jpg (894.37 KB, 1002x1600)
894.37 KB
894.37 KB JPG
File: ika13_099.jpg (789.60 KB, 1001x1600)
789.60 KB
789.60 KB JPG
Noumen Rider is broadcast every sunday morning at 7am!

I'll curse you if you don't watch!

It's an advert?!

With this we won't miss it every week!

まあ たけるが喜んでるならいいか
Well.. Takeru is happy so it's okay...

(Squidn't) today not sunday?

あ そうだった!
Ah, you're right!...

Awaken the justice in your heart!

If only they'd just put in lines like these...

The next day
File: ika13_100.jpg (792.35 KB, 1001x1600)
792.35 KB
792.35 KB JPG
File: ika13_101.jpg (836.79 KB, 1002x1600)
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File: ika13_102.jpg (744.16 KB, 1002x1600)
744.16 KB
744.16 KB JPG
File: ika13_103.jpg (731.08 KB, 1001x1600)
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731.08 KB JPG
File: ika13_104.jpg (785.04 KB, 1001x1600)
785.04 KB
785.04 KB JPG
Noumen Puuunch!


Noumen Cobra Twist!!

Ogeeeeeeee!! (Any other sound is fine, this sucks)

I can't stand it any more...

The alarm is the absolute worst de-geso!


I'm coming in Takeru!

Turn it off right away when it starts screaming!
File: ika13_105.jpg (753.50 KB, 1003x1600)
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753.50 KB JPG
File: ika13_106.jpg (720.05 KB, 1003x1600)
720.05 KB
720.05 KB JPG
File: ika13_107.jpg (728.61 KB, 1003x1600)
728.61 KB
728.61 KB JPG
File: 1 copy.jpg (692.38 KB, 1009x1600)
692.38 KB
692.38 KB JPG
Criticism, please?
File: ika13_108.jpg (602.16 KB, 1003x1600)
602.16 KB
602.16 KB JPG
File: ika13_109.jpg (677.45 KB, 1005x1600)
677.45 KB
677.45 KB JPG
Today's snack is ice cream filled pastry puffs!

Oh shit!


It's cold as balls and tasty as hell de geso!

Takeru aren't you gonna have some?

Ah.. yeah...

It's probably best that we take you to the dentists after all..

>い…Eat a duck I must!
R.. rub a dub dub thanks for the grub!

>おお… 美味しそう… けど食べたらしみるし…
Wow... it looks tasty... but if I eat it it's definitely gonna hurt

D'ya want me to eat it for you?

Yeah, thanks...
File: ika13_110.jpg (657.59 KB, 1005x1600)
657.59 KB
657.59 KB JPG
File: ika13_111.jpg (702.03 KB, 1002x1600)
702.03 KB
702.03 KB JPG
File: ika13_112.jpg (739.78 KB, 1002x1600)
739.78 KB
739.78 KB JPG
File: ika13_113.jpg (849.71 KB, 1000x1600)
849.71 KB
849.71 KB JPG
Good enough.
Looks pretty good to me but I'm no cleaner
File: ika13_114.jpg (660.98 KB, 1000x1600)
660.98 KB
660.98 KB JPG
File: ika13_115.jpg (793.28 KB, 1001x1600)
793.28 KB
793.28 KB JPG

Looks okay to me. I don't have an eye for these things, though.
File: ika13_116.jpg (793.21 KB, 1001x1600)
793.21 KB
793.21 KB JPG
File: ika13_117.jpg (745.64 KB, 1001x1600)
745.64 KB
745.64 KB JPG
File: ika13_118.jpg (729.08 KB, 1001x1600)
729.08 KB
729.08 KB JPG
File: ika13_119.jpg (796.77 KB, 1001x1600)
796.77 KB
796.77 KB JPG
File: 2 copy.jpg (769.28 KB, 1009x1600)
769.28 KB
769.28 KB JPG
This takes way more time than what I thought it would.

Doesn't help that I'm really slow at everything.
File: ika13_120.jpg (746.42 KB, 1001x1600)
746.42 KB
746.42 KB JPG



Wha?! It broke?!

Squidn’t it only death cries!?


くそ! 押すスイッチ間違えたら!?
Damn it! Is something wrong with the button!?


What do we do? it won't stop!!

おい たける! 起きろ!!
Hey Takeru! Wake up!!


ってか よく寝てられるな お前!
...You sure are able to sleep well!



It stopped!

The way to stop it was so tricky?...

Why didn't you stop it if it was this noisy de geso?

え? 何?
Huh? What?

あ!!ごめん 耳栓したままだった!
Ah! Sorry, I had ear plugs in!

It was noisy so I had to sleep with these every day to not get awoken badly (hard to word)

I'm confiscating the alarm!!

(No way!!)
File: ika13_121.jpg (822.36 KB, 1003x1600)
822.36 KB
822.36 KB JPG
Whoops, I did two in one there.
Done with the chapter for now though, slow as hell as I am.

Missed the R on Rider
File: ika13_122.jpg (727.91 KB, 1003x1600)
727.91 KB
727.91 KB JPG
File: ika13_123.jpg (632.45 KB, 1001x1600)
632.45 KB
632.45 KB JPG
File: 2 copy.jpg (771.62 KB, 1009x1600)
771.62 KB
771.62 KB JPG
Whoops. Thanks.
File: ika13_124.jpg (704.96 KB, 1001x1600)
704.96 KB
704.96 KB JPG
Will be back to do another chapter in a bit
File: ika13_125.jpg (675.96 KB, 1001x1600)
675.96 KB
675.96 KB JPG
File: ika13_126.jpg (803.50 KB, 1001x1600)
803.50 KB
803.50 KB JPG
File: 1376133570625.jpg (575.36 KB, 1255x1300)
575.36 KB
575.36 KB JPG
the sound effects by Ika is her eyes going "glitter glitter" or "sparkle sparkle".

>んー! 幸でゲソ!!
Mmmhhhm, I'm in squidding paradise!!

So you don't have to experience any more suffering, I'll eat them all for you instead Takeru!


If you're gonna just stuff your face full of sweets you're gonna get a cavity too y'know

Several Days Later

Today's snack's ice cream!

Here you go Ika-nee-chan

Guess it can't be helped huh...


sharp pain

What's wrong?

It, it's nothing!

What the squid was with that pain just then...

No way... is this a cavity!?

Takeru, you've got the dentist from 4


You booked an appointment!?

Uwahh... my life is over...

>たける・・・ かわいそうに…
Takeru... how pitiful...
File: ika13_127.jpg (717.36 KB, 1002x1600)
717.36 KB
717.36 KB JPG
File: ika13_128.jpg (789.71 KB, 1002x1600)
789.71 KB
789.71 KB JPG
File: ika13_129.jpg (611.15 KB, 1002x1600)
611.15 KB
611.15 KB JPG
File: ika13_130.jpg (770.44 KB, 1002x1600)
770.44 KB
770.44 KB JPG
File: ika13_131.jpg (779.45 KB, 1002x1600)
779.45 KB
779.45 KB JPG
File: ika13_132.jpg (814.71 KB, 1002x1600)
814.71 KB
814.71 KB JPG
File: ika13_133.jpg (800.37 KB, 1004x1600)
800.37 KB
800.37 KB JPG
File: ika13_134.jpg (636.81 KB, 1004x1600)
636.81 KB
636.81 KB JPG
File: ika13_135.jpg (738.22 KB, 1004x1600)
738.22 KB
738.22 KB JPG
File: ika13_136.jpg (674.79 KB, 1004x1600)
674.79 KB
674.79 KB JPG
File: ika13_137.jpg (158.47 KB, 1009x1600)
158.47 KB
158.47 KB JPG
File: ika13_138.jpg (132.91 KB, 1009x1600)
132.91 KB
132.91 KB JPG
File: ika13_139.jpg (748.38 KB, 1003x1600)
748.38 KB
748.38 KB JPG
Starting on
File: ika13_140.jpg (795.37 KB, 1003x1600)
795.37 KB
795.37 KB JPG

File: ika13_141.jpg (780.77 KB, 1002x1600)
780.77 KB
780.77 KB JPG
Thanks to everyone pitching in.
File: 3.jpg (852.78 KB, 1007x1600)
852.78 KB
852.78 KB JPG
Sorry this is going so slowly.

That's broken.
File: ika13_142.jpg (700.55 KB, 1002x1600)
700.55 KB
700.55 KB JPG
File: ika13_143.jpg (791.79 KB, 1000x1600)
791.79 KB
791.79 KB JPG

It is? I haven't looked at it in a while.
File: 1378800211198.jpg (466.38 KB, 1440x810)
466.38 KB
466.38 KB JPG

Should I have them check out you as well Ika-musume-chan?

>え?! 私も!?
What, me too!?

They'll just check out if you have a cavity or not and if you don't you can come straight back

Ah... it's like that huh...

>え? ない?
Huh? Nothing?

>うん 虫歯は1つもないね 葉の磨きすぎで歯茎痛めてただけだよ
Yes, there's no sign of a single cavity. You've simply been brushing too rigorously and have irritated and hurt your gums a bit.


We'll put some ointment on your gums and finish up shall we

>ごめん なんか虫歯気のせいだったみたい・・・
Sorry, I guess me thinking I had a cavity was an overreaction...

>イカ娘さん どうぞー
Ms. Squid girl, please come through.

Squid girl's was a cavity though.

End of Chapter 234
File: ika13_144.jpg (742.27 KB, 1000x1600)
742.27 KB
742.27 KB JPG
(Keep or take honorifics as you wish)


Let me take one!

(Stop already!)


わ! 清実ちゃん!そこにいたの!?
Oh!Kiyomi-chan I didn't notice you there!
File: ika13_145.jpg (736.57 KB, 999x1600)
736.57 KB
736.57 KB JPG
Whoops, title is

Won't you become a model?
File: ika13_146.jpg (746.83 KB, 999x1600)
746.83 KB
746.83 KB JPG
File: ika13_147.jpg (803.95 KB, 1003x1600)
803.95 KB
803.95 KB JPG
File: ika13_148.jpg (797.57 KB, 1003x1600)
797.57 KB
797.57 KB JPG
File: ika13_149.jpg (777.41 KB, 1002x1600)
777.41 KB
777.41 KB JPG
File: ika13_150.jpg (758.75 KB, 1002x1600)
758.75 KB
758.75 KB JPG

Please become a model!


You mean a photo model?

Yes!A photo model!

Nonono, If you want a photo model Ika-chan is definitely the best!

Well... Ika-chan doesn't quite fit the theme...

The heck kind of photo are you taking de-geso?

Let's see...
File: ika13_151.jpg (637.77 KB, 1005x1600)
637.77 KB
637.77 KB JPG
File: ika13_152.jpg (700.21 KB, 1005x1600)
700.21 KB
700.21 KB JPG
File: ika13_153.jpg (839.46 KB, 1000x1600)
839.46 KB
839.46 KB JPG
File: ika13_154.jpg (824.74 KB, 1000x1600)
824.74 KB
824.74 KB JPG
File: ika13_155.jpg (808.31 KB, 1004x1600)
808.31 KB
808.31 KB JPG
File: 4.jpg (794.25 KB, 1007x1600)
794.25 KB
794.25 KB JPG
So, how should I leave the music?
File: 1386471090540.gif (239.18 KB, 480x260)
239.18 KB
239.18 KB GIF
Thanks for typesetting man. Please use your discretion to improve some of my shit/joke translations on the earlier pages, the meaning is basically intact entirely so just de-shittify it.

Chapter 236: Aren't you looking down on me?

Heaps of kids out today huh...

>small text
They on a field trip or something?

Phew... Looks like today's gonna be a pain in the ass...

>next three panels
They get lost easily...
The touch everything and anything...
And even though they can't freaking swim they go out deep...

That's why it's our mission to prevent that stuff from happening before it happens right

Isozaki Kun!

File: ika13_156.jpg (712.64 KB, 1004x1600)
712.64 KB
712.64 KB JPG
File: ika13_157.jpg (840.45 KB, 1002x1600)
840.45 KB
840.45 KB JPG
File: ika13_158.jpg (698.55 KB, 1002x1600)
698.55 KB
698.55 KB JPG
File: ika13_159.jpg (726.58 KB, 1002x1600)
726.58 KB
726.58 KB JPG
File: ika13_160.jpg (797.59 KB, 1002x1600)
797.59 KB
797.59 KB JPG
File: ika13_161.jpg (734.14 KB, 1001x1600)
734.14 KB
734.14 KB JPG
File: ika13_162.jpg (765.13 KB, 1001x1600)
765.13 KB
765.13 KB JPG
After this, I'll take a break from dumping so that the image limit isn't reached.
File: ika13_163.jpg (456.44 KB, 1011x1600)
456.44 KB
456.44 KB JPG
File: ika13_164.jpg (317.39 KB, 1011x1600)
317.39 KB
317.39 KB JPG
File: ika13_165.jpg (38.27 KB, 1008x1600)
38.27 KB
38.27 KB JPG
File: 5.jpg (772.33 KB, 1007x1600)
772.33 KB
772.33 KB JPG
I'm glad to be of help, even if it's just a little.

I have no idea how to incorporate that squid pun there.
File: 1386675437518.gif (583.29 KB, 500x297)
583.29 KB
583.29 KB GIF
All right, run away!!

And their idea of respecting their elders is all messed up!

>あ________ なめられてんだ おまえ・・・
Ah... pretty sure you're actually being looked down on dude...
How disgraceful haha!
You're so pathetic, letting kids walk all over you like that!

Like you're one to talk!!

I'm thinking of submitting to this! (weird wording)

Sports (Bishoujo) Beauty Contest!?

I somehow want the 1 year 20% discount off sports products...

I see...

But why me then?

The splendid reflexes that dodge Ika-chan’s attack!The beauty that faces the target in a perfect line! (This line, Kill me now)

Only Sanae-san is fit for this role!

She sure glorified it de-geso...

うん。。。まあ 役に立ってるかわからないけど私でよければ。。。
Well... I don't know if I'll be useful but if you're happy with me...

Thank you very much!

So, tomorrow at the Gymnasium!


You've become a young lady Sanae-san!

Is... Is that so...

I want to dress Ika-chan in this costume...

Sanae-san, have you played Badminton before?

A little when I was a child...

Well then, please pose as if you're preparing to strike!

Got it!
File: 6.jpg (779.11 KB, 1007x1600)
779.11 KB
779.11 KB JPG
I always adapt and deal with them in an appropriate manner depending on the situation

>遊ばれてるつーてんだ それは
I'm telling you, you're being played around with!

Ah, it's Goroh-niichan!

>あ ごろうにいちゃんだ!
Goroh-niichan, let's play together over there!

>ごめんなー 今パトロール中だからまたあとでね
Sorry guys, I'm in the middle of patrolling right now, maybe later

Isozaki, get back to work!

Do Goroh-niichan's half too!


>お前ら なんで俺だけそんな辛いあたり方住んだ!
Why is it that you brats only take such a bad attitude with just me!

Man I had no idea this would take so long. I'm gonna just type the English from now on except when it's absolutely neccisary so you can tell what goes where.
File: 1326446537931.jpg (18.79 KB, 483x362)
18.79 KB
18.79 KB JPG
The raws for chapter 317 got released a few days ago...so you guys will have a lot to catch up.

>Right to left

Well that's because you're always doing things like hitting on girls

However, I can't recall him ever actually succeeding at picking up one...

I haven't seen him actually do his job before either ae...


Goro: Kid's are unexpectedly good at seeing through to the heart of the matter

Iso: That's still no reason for them to be giving me so much shit!

Girls:Hey look at those guys!

Girls:Guys who get along well with kids are kinda dreamy.

I know!

Iso: Okay! Let's play together over in the sand!

Kid: We're the ones that are supposed to say that!
File: 7.jpg (778.69 KB, 1007x1600)
778.69 KB
778.69 KB JPG

Well, it's been dead for 8 months, and even then it was a volume or so behind.


Seems like only a pose doesn't have much feeling after all...


How are they? Took some good ones?

Rally with me!


I'm really no good though...

It's fine! I'll teach you the basic way of taking hits!

So, Ika-chan please take the camera!


I..Ika-chan is taking the photos!?

Having the camera passed to her she's looking this way... (Can't quite grasp this line, did my best)

I can't show her an unsightly figure!

(Bring it on!)
I'd have to look at which translations are being typeset, but it'd be easier to just say that this was an anonymous collaboration if everyone's okay with that.
More than fine with that.

PTB: Hey, can I have a moment?

Iso: (Wow, that worked quick...)

PTB: Could you stop picking on my students?

Iso: She's pissed off!

Do-don't be silly... we're just playing together.

I love kids y'see

PTB: I love kids WAAAY more than you!!

Iso: Wha?!

[Looks like she's some kind of weirdo.... Students? Does that mean she's a teacher?]

[But ignoring that, she's a babe!]

Iso: Hey, so, anyway...

Do you wanna grab some coffee or something around here? (literally says green tea but coffee sounds more natural ae)

10Minutes later

It's...It's useless after all...

Are you okay? Let's try one more time.


S..Sorr....I can't...Move.......


早苗さん 諦めるのはまだ早いですよ
Sanae-san, it's still too early to give up...

Sanae-san is someone who can surely do anything if she really tries
File: 8.jpg (744.58 KB, 1007x1600)
744.58 KB
744.58 KB JPG
Yeah if you want. Looks like anon 1's doing the odd chapters and I'm doing evens.

PTB: So getting on my good side so you can be closer to the kids is your strategy huh.

It's not gonna work!

Iso: I didn't get through to her...

PTB: Children! You shouldn't be talking to weird strangers either!

Kid: Even though he's like that, he's technically a life saver though...

Running kids: Trouble! Help!

My friends drowning out there in the ocean!

Goroh: What!

Let's go Isoza... k-ah? Huh?

Iso:[Even I'm not trying to bum around and slag off work]

[It's just that Goroh always manages to react faster than me!]
’It stopped' looks really awkward

Changing tricky to complicated would be better

Awoken Badly would be better as Awoken Suddenly (I think)

Confiscating the Alarm would be better as Clock
No reason to put brackets on 'no way'

Few things I'd have done differently looking back. An editor would've been so good
I couldn't figure out a better way to put it since the text bubble was so vertical. Gonna fix those and then work on 234.

I suppose it at least is better than nothing.
Iso:[But I can save the day and take the spotlight sometimes too!]

I'm here to save you!


Well? Even I can do it if I put my mind to it!

Have you improved your view of me a bit?

(The way they're talking to him is still way to casual for kids to an adult):
Ya did it Isozaki!

I always thought you're able to be useful if you tried!

Iso: Even to the end you're gonna treat me like that ae?

Man... Stuff like this is why I don't get along well with kids..
Oh, and if there's anything else you want to change I have no problem doing it, just tell me what to do.
If you're exhausted from this much things like the Nationals are still beyond your dreams!

Her objective somehow changed!...

Let's do our best Sanae-san!


Team captain mode de-geso

I'm glad it wasn't me she asked de-geso...

Several days later

Ika-chan! Sanae-san!

The results of the photo contest came!


Let's open them...

I beg you... Somehow get in...
File: 8.jpg (744 KB, 1007x1600)
744 KB
744 KB JPG
The "It stopped!" feels like it's too small compared to the original.
I've probably forgotten things and they're a loooong way up, keep the PSDs and we can double-check the final compilation
[kids]Shuddit! Don't get cheeky, you're still just Isozaki!!

Iso:Oi! (/Hey!)

Kid:Even though I almost drowned I'm healthy enough to play with you Isozaki!

Kid:You're free anyway right? Not like you're working!

Iso: You brats!

Ikachan: In the end he's still just being toyed with...

Goroh: I guess he does get along with them pretty well after all...

PTB: So the children will look up to someone who saves them from drowning....

OK, I'll use this plan next time...!!

/236 end

[On a side note, Japanese kids really do like to pick on and horse around with the adults they like. One of the sayings amongst English teachers over here is that if you're first graders aren't trying to punch you in the nuts or give you a Kancho (google it); you're doing something wrong.

Well I'm out guys, I've got work tomorrow and it's almost midnight here. Sorry about the quality of the first few pages, hopefully you manage to salvage it and we can bring more squidastic joy to the masses.

Night, thanks for the translations.

Thanks again.
File: Ika14_003.jpg (669.51 KB, 1023x1600)
669.51 KB
669.51 KB JPG
Just gonna post a bit from volume 14.
File: Ika14_004.jpg (669.39 KB, 1023x1600)
669.39 KB
669.39 KB JPG
I fixed up this horrible few pages, should be okay now.

Even if you lecture me to go too I'm definitely not gonna go Ika-nee-chan!

I haven't even squidding said anything yet!

Is the dentist really that squidding scary a place?

Yeah it is!

They inject you with things into your gums, chip away at your teeth with drills, you could even get holes!

I went last year for fillings and I've worked extra hard ever since so that I never have to go again...


Do you wanna see for yourself?

Hmm... I do kinda wanna test my mantle and see how scary it is..

Genreral - Paediatric - Angelic

It's just a regular building isn't it?

Have a peak inside.

*various drill noises*


Okay, just bear with it for a little longer ne

You'd die from that!


To think the dentist would be such a fearful place... I completely approve of your hard-headed resistance earlier Takeru!

I'm your ally Takeru!

Thank you Ika-neechan!


I brought some treats!
It'll only clutter up the thread, I definitely won't get that far for sure

That was all I was going to post. I just liked the color pages.

1st (Gold)


イカちゃん 早苗さん撮ってたんじゃなかったの!?
Ika-chan, didn't you take photos of Sanae-san?

No... I definitely took them de-geso!

でも これを応募していいのかわからなかったから保険で清美も撮っておいたんでゲソ
But I didn't know if it'd be okay to apply with these so I took some of Kiyomi as insurance de-geso.

If... These were chosen I'd be worried instead...

Well... Kiyomi was awarded first prize so it's okay in the end!


I'm sorry Sanae-san, I made you do something so unreasonable...

Don't worry! Don't worry!

I'm not suited to have photos taken


I am a person on the photo-taking side!

I don't need a personal cameraman!

I'll probably stop there and just check typeset ones. 237 looks text-heavy and I suck too much.
It is a cute chapter though, basically Nagisa being all Tsundere for Ika-chan and trying to secretly encourage her invasion activities since she's starting to feel disappointed at how bad Squidgirl is at it.

That sounds like a great chapter. We've made good progress in this thread, so we can save that for the next time.
File: 1.jpg (857.22 KB, 1007x1600)
857.22 KB
857.22 KB JPG
Starting with 234
I don't even know which chapters are being typeset right now, I gotta read the thread again
233 through 236 are translated, 233 typeset 234 being typeset
Wow, it's always nice to see spontaneous collaboration threads. Thanks to everyone.
Blueonesaysit'srainingtoday.Redonesaysit'sfineto dosoandsaysshelovesrainanyway.theblueonedeemsherashikkiandredonesayswhatkindofsquiddoesnttakesactionsintherainbluefallsandtakesthebaitwhilewalkingtheblueonefallsintoapitandredasksifshesok.

Filename thread?
File: 2.jpg (774.34 KB, 1007x1600)
774.34 KB
774.34 KB JPG
Now this is the /a/ I know and love.
File: 3.jpg (771.22 KB, 1008x1600)
771.22 KB
771.22 KB JPG
Pretty much all the bubbles need the text moving down here. Try to center it vertically
800+ people on Batoto will probably be happy to see this update.
File: 4.jpg (823.91 KB, 1008x1600)
823.91 KB
823.91 KB JPG
Thanks, gonna fix that.
File: 3.jpg (772.11 KB, 1008x1600)
772.11 KB
772.11 KB JPG
For some reason my version of photoshop fucks up when aligning vertically and works just fine for horizontal aligning.

What version?
CS3. I'll upload the PSD once I'm done with this chapter.
File: 6.jpg (658.71 KB, 1007x1600)
658.71 KB
658.71 KB JPG
Missing a line here for Ika.

Page 5?
File: 5.jpg (775.85 KB, 1007x1600)
775.85 KB
775.85 KB JPG
Ah, forgot to post it.

啊 is just an exclamation, like "Ah~"
Daijoubu de geso

It'll be fine/don't worry about it/there's no way I'll get a cavity

Take your pick
File: 6.jpg (659.26 KB, 1007x1600)
659.26 KB
659.26 KB JPG

I just put that there as a joke, there was an actual line.

Hah, I see. I didn't look at the actual raws. Beautiful duwang.
File: 8.jpg (701.91 KB, 1007x1600)
701.91 KB
701.91 KB JPG
Done. Sorry for the low quality job. I'll post a link to the file in a minute.
Missed 7 again

File: 7.jpg (859.34 KB, 1007x1600)
859.34 KB
859.34 KB JPG
Not my day today.
'from 4' should really be 'at 4'
Thanks, fixed it.

Uploading slowly.
>partially translated story time
My favorites! Oh, and Ika Musume? I could pick that up.

>other anons already got it
Oh well.

If you really are a translator, there's plenty of Ika to be worked on.
Just re-checking ones I didn't look at,

sorry... and are you okay... are a bit off-size, might want to make them smaller and fit them better

"though I still am sleepy" can be changed to "Seems I'm still tired though"

I lost it at the meal line

"With this there's no way we can miss it on weekends" sounds better

Some stuff escaping bubbles and touching edges in this, shrink it a bit

"This alarm is the worst thing ever de geso" sounds better

Sure are able to sleep well is a bit big

Rest I've commented on already and are good.
Don';t bother re-posting them, just make the changes if you can and keep them until you compile them
That's true and all, but I wouldn't want to jump to some odd chapter and split it like that. I suppose, I'll just add it to my watch list for now.

Translating anons, are you just running through this thread or do you want to keep working through them?
We're just passing through, I am for sure. Feel free to pick up from 237

Here you go guys. Feel free to modify anything you see as off.
So 235-237 need typesetting?

I'll certainly have to take a closer look then. I actually haven't released any chapters from what I am working on in four days and am feeling a bit guilty about that.

Not to mention that I'll need to re/read the previous chapters first.
235 & 236 need typesetting

233&234 could do with a little tidy as in >>101570533

237 isn't TLed

Just reading it now, but "test my mantle" should be "test my mettle." I don't have Photoshop to edit.

Whenever the chapters get QCed and tidied up, they can get posted on Batoto with a little credits page saying that this was just a spontaneous collaboration, and still needs to be picked up.
I'll do it and reupload it soon.

This is just my opinion, but it needs punctuation as well.
If you mean periods, then definitely not.
Concur. Periods are unnecessary.

File: 001.png (241.57 KB, 841x1349)
241.57 KB
241.57 KB PNG
File: 002.png (249.13 KB, 807x1347)
249.13 KB
249.13 KB PNG
File: 003.png (234.52 KB, 839x1347)
234.52 KB
234.52 KB PNG
File: 004.png (204.18 KB, 806x1346)
204.18 KB
204.18 KB PNG
File: 005.png (118.02 KB, 841x1346)
118.02 KB
118.02 KB PNG
Wish I could've scanned that chapter in a better quality,but I didn't want to tear out those pages.
..I have some stuff coming to scan this afternoon or in the morning. The though of removing the pages is upsetting me greatly.
They are indeed pretty terrible scans
Were there any other fanbooks or anthologies that haven't been scanned yet?
Here's 233 while I work on 234.

Looks like it's sold out too. So much for getting a second copy...

There is the book which held all information of what happened CM-wise during the 1st season and about it as well. I also have some non-H doujins about the mini versions,and a not official midily lewd anthology with serval crossovers. Also,artbooks of both seasons and the OVAs,but no way in hell am I going to scan them,because that would look really terrible like >>101571877
Looks good, no issues
Thanks to everyone.

I'll dump the scripts for the chapters that aren't lettered during the next Ika volunteer thread. I'll make them about once every other night. Slowly but surely, we'll make progress.
I'll help out whenever I see the threads, thanks for the dump (weird as that sounds)

Mind posting the titles or covers of the books? I'm interested.

What's your local time? I don't want to post when it's 5 am for you.
GMT, but don't count on me being here

I won't, I'm just trying to find a time when I'd be likely to pull in volunteers.
File: Ika Musume.jpg (96.63 KB, 315x446)
96.63 KB
96.63 KB JPG
are the doujin ones,and
is one of the official ones. I think I took some pictures of their content back then,let me have a look.
File: 638f63f6e112.jpg (23.61 KB, 358x358)
23.61 KB
23.61 KB JPG
File: squids that krill.jpg (280.54 KB, 585x605)
280.54 KB
280.54 KB JPG
Join the Squid Party today!
I was about to say new OVA when?, but then I realized that we apparently got an OVA in October?

Wait, nevermind, it was a rerelease of an older one. Damn.
I have them on my phone,but not on my PC. Weird.

Looks like there either won't be one this year,or it will be pretty late this year released with the next volume.
So we got, what, 4 chapters translated in a thread? Good progress.

Alright, here's 234.
File: 1364429080359.jpg (73.61 KB, 1280x720)
73.61 KB
73.61 KB JPG
I'll wait for season 3

Thanks again.
Looks good
File: Foto0177.jpg (406.06 KB, 1280x960)
406.06 KB
406.06 KB JPG
Oh there we go

I need to watch the minisodes again, because I forgot all about the black Ika.
File: Foto0179.jpg (426.79 KB, 1280x960)
426.79 KB
426.79 KB JPG
Anime original,but Anbe didn't seem to mind.

Should we save the scripts we have from this thread in a pastebin? I'm willing to do a couple more chapters if I see a thread like this one later today or tomorrow.

Yeah, the whole "the anime is its own work." Anbe seems cool. Could someone dump his art? I think he did a New Year's Ika and a Christmas one.

Yeah, they'll be saved. I don't want to spam Ika volunteer threads, but I'll try to make them regularly. You don't have to wait for the threads to pop up if you want to do anything in your free time.
I'll just dump stuff from his twitter. He's more one of a vidya guy when he's not working on the manga.
File: Ba8oaskCIAApOMx[1].jpg (27.92 KB, 400x400)
27.92 KB
27.92 KB JPG
So, should the translated chapters be uploaded? Should we add a disclaimer to clarify we're not a steady group or something like that?
He seems to like the current airing Gundam series...
I'd recommend something along those lines. If for no other reason than to avoid disappointing someone.
Don't know where this is from,actually.
We should pick a cute image to put in that page.
It's already up on Batoto I see. Chapters seem to be uploaded in the wrong order though

This fucking guy
I believe thats Mina Majikina from Samurai Spirits

>please give me your email address
File: BPwnO[1].jpg (111.87 KB, 500x644)
111.87 KB
111.87 KB JPG
There it is!

I kinda feel sorry for Anbe,dealing with this idiot.
File: BdQyWdxCcAAutFx[1].jpg (27.87 KB, 600x450)
27.87 KB
27.87 KB JPG

Original the ika musume do not steal

Is he in middle school or something?

The fact that he even responds make me wonder if he's just humoring him, or trying to be nice.
I guess this character is from a weather channel?

His reply is the best
>I cannot reply to your hope. Others' idea does not accept.

Seems like he's just posting blue characters.
He emerged from being a spambot to some weird being that is barely able to write.

Nah,google translate says they are called like the seasons
Some of his art of Kiyomi back then,when the anime aired (I geso)
Whoever makes a Pastebin, be sure to include page numbers.
There is one from when fishgirl and J were still translating


That's a nice autism .txt.
Someone post the Ika shrine.
Unfortunatley incomplete...
File: 1339508908596.jpg (116.16 KB, 1080x810)
116.16 KB
116.16 KB JPG
Lucky fuck
File: Bc5NZV9CMAAWba1[1].jpg (66.61 KB, 600x450)
66.61 KB
66.61 KB JPG
Anbe (or his parents?) also have the goods. Unless you meant mine,which haven't got updated since the last season ended...
File: 1332949607512.jpg (134.61 KB, 810x1080)
134.61 KB
134.61 KB JPG
Feels kinda weird that my stuff gets reposted here by /a/nons

Look at all that squid.
This is why you never post anything her unless you wouldn't mind seeing it posted again by others.
File: 1391048110690.png (1.30 MB, 1293x1080)
1.30 MB
1.30 MB PNG
Won't you donate your squid merch to a squid brother?
File: 1389762329945.jpg (79.45 KB, 1000x1000)
79.45 KB
79.45 KB JPG
>mfw I own season 1 of the dub for some reason

At least I can watch it with any lolis that I babysit.
File: last squid stand1.jpg (86.05 KB, 612x816)
86.05 KB
86.05 KB JPG
There's nothing more to get,unfortunately.

Well,I geso.
Say, have you bought one of those Ika Laptops?

>not owning the Ika racing cat
File: 2013-01-17 15.23.01.jpg (1.98 MB, 2448x3264)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
They were too limited,and now you can't find them anymore. Just when I saved up the right amount....
well shit, just when I was thinking of buying one
This was a productive thread. Until next time.

Jesus how much does all of this cost?
Yeah,I hope that we will get at least to translate up to chapter 250 before serval anons leave the group again.

Guess I'll hit the bed now.


A small amount compared to my total collection.
File: sleeping ika.gif (470.44 KB, 360x202)
470.44 KB
470.44 KB GIF
This is a damn long thread, but has Ika got some a new translator?!

Depends on who is available when the volunteer threads are made.
The new translator can be you.
Well I don't know japanese. Has anybody translated a new chapter? I don't get how Ika remains unworked on.
4 new chapters are translated, and 2 are typeset and on Batoto now.
>I don't know how X remains unworked on
Said every fan of manga ever.
Do you know how to use basic photoshop functions? You could typeset, since we have translations and raws for two more chapters.
Untranslated threads have kind of been on a roll lately.
I enjoy picking up something with an established fanbase. Makes things a little more enjoyable.

The guy over at VisTrans offered to typeset.

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