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>My monotonous everyday life took on a new hue
>A part of me always wished for that to happen
>But when it actually did I was too scared to act
>That's a secret okay?
>Trembling alone, I miss you so much
>If only I could tell you that I'll always be on your side, we could be invincible
>When we take flight, we'll do so together
>We'll make a stand
>I don't want to go back to being the bumbling coward I was
>Every little thing will come together to give us great strength
>That's how I feel right now
are you prepared for ryuko to die and mako to become the main character?
>implying nui isnt going to kill mako just to make ryuuko go berserk again
mako is clearly the narrator of the 2nd ED
But Mako is going to kill Satsuki and fight Ryuko
implying an ED means anything
what the fuck are you even in this thread for??
What the fuck did you make another Kill la Kill thread for??
so i could comment on the lyrics of the ED and start a related discussion about how mako might be the secret main character
But he is on topic
The song is actually Mako singing to Gamagoori

They are the OTP

She's actually afraid to show her feelings to him but finally does in episode 22 just in time for him to sacrifice himself and get Ryuko out of the Death Life Fiber machine so she can beat the anti-spiral..
>beat the anti-spiral
i already miss gurren lagann again

do you think they'll hit that kind of peak again with this show?
I don't want OP to keep being the bumbling moron he is.
That's how I feel right now.

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