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The most anime thing that has ever happened to you.
It wasn't my fault that I was not popular
File: 1381597215887.png (277.46 KB, 836x612)
277.46 KB
277.46 KB PNG
I sat inside my house for 3 years and did nothing. It's just like Welcome to the NHK right?
>tfw no depressed girl to save me from myself
I once had a toast in my mouth.
I blogged about shit on /a/.
One time I spilt a shit ton of tang everywhere. I also masturbated in the hospital
I once collected the seven dragon balls
Not your blog.
>Facebook image
I fought for Athena.
Once fell 11 feet directly onto the back of my head and shook it off like it wain't no thang.
File: DW_hates_you.jpg (143.93 KB, 445x417)
143.93 KB
143.93 KB JPG
>Be me
>new student in a school
>not a 10/10 but above an 8/10
>enter classroom
>teacher introduces me
>all male classmate do that "OHHHHHHH" thing you see in every rom-com anime
I got my first kiss by running into a girl and falling on top of her. It hurt like hell and my lip got cut. I then proceed to apologize to the girl and helped her up. She said sorry too and we went our separate ways.
Nice try, fatass.
>be the best guy
>never win the girl

Yo, my whole life is an ongoing anime.
That's not a kiss, fuckstick. That's your face smashing into hers. By that logic I first went down on a woman when I was 4, and I headbutted a stranger in the crotch in the grocery store.

let me rephrase it then

>be white me
>move into a school with shit ton of niggers

Make sense?
No one in anime is as pathetic as me so can't really relate.
I developed a Stand based on my own personal musical preferences.

I was then later sued by Jew lawyers.
File: 1307322747510.jpg (91.49 KB, 394x394)
91.49 KB
91.49 KB JPG
Second seat from the back on the far left side with a perfect view out the window.

I didn't even watch anime in high school; The only reason I remember is because I got the same seat in the same classroom 4 or 5 different times.
But do you remember how many breads you have eaten in your life?
How did you manage to be more pathetic than NHK and Watamote?
How was it?
File: GNFOS_poster.jpg (15.11 KB, 250x419)
15.11 KB
15.11 KB JPG
It has been noted that blacks are more prone to gay. Surpising that the whole class was gay.
I masturbate in the baths.
By being the worst kind of person.
I was caught singing Can't Say Goodbye from Saint Seiya in the shower.

Don't know if it counts, but I need to hide my power level better.
I had one of those romcom moments where an outside character says something about how a girl and I should date and we both said, "What?" at exactly the same time and pitch. That's about it.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to blog, OP.
We got to choose our seats. First come, first serve.

I always got that seat. Didn't even realize that was a thing in anime back then.

I think its a gril dumbass...

>INB4 girls don't internets
File: 1364595695512.gif (796.98 KB, 500x281)
796.98 KB
796.98 KB GIF
I stood in the rain.
File: 1367034606698.png (42.61 KB, 409x386)
42.61 KB
42.61 KB PNG
I once channelled electricity through my body.

It hurt.
I think the reason it's an anime thing is because it's arguably the best seat in any classroom. Not at the front and also off to the side so the teacher ignores you along with a nice view and everyone knows the back row is for creeps so you gotta ride that second to last row.
File: 1337247637924.png (12.14 KB, 627x513)
12.14 KB
12.14 KB PNG
Well on /v/ and /co/ they might(where you're from), and they might find they're way on here from time to time.

But certainly no true /a/non is a female. Just men pretending to be.
After hitchhiking around the country(America) for awhile I ended up living with this traveling group of hippies known as the rainbow family. One night at a bonfire a girl who I like the whole time sat in my lap drunk and rolling said to me "I could sit in your lap all night"
In typical harem MC fashion I just though about how uncomfortable that would be and said "That wouldn't be good".
She said "that's not what you were suppose to say." And left. I'm still a virgin.
I had that seat in one class.

But I misbehaved so much the teacher made me sit up the front.
Not that anon, but I used to sit in the same seat as well in my Geometry class in High School.

To keep from falling asleep, it was nice to watch nature.
I once took two lolis and my younger sister swimming.

Yeah. Once.
In middle school there was a girl who had a crush on me that I never knew about, hell most folks knew about it and I didn't even know she existed. She told me about it years later when she looked me up on Facebook. Apparently my positive attitude helped her get through some tough shit in her life.

Sadly, she's married now to some quiet Canadian guy she met online. She's rather pretty feels bad man. Oh well she seems really happy.
>I was a new student in school after moving away from everything and moving in with other parent
>After 3 months of being a social recluse some random attractive girl came up on my side and sat next to me on the ground
>I didn't think anything of it, figured it was some pity shit
>Tells me she's new and shit. We ask stupid bullshit like what music/movies etc...
>She tells me she watches anime and I thought that shit was fucking retarded and gay but a week later I watched lucky star
>She started skipping a lot of days and I asked her why
>It's obvious shes starting to dislike me/grow bored of me but I love her because I feel I can relate to her
She had rare allergies of something like bread and. Told me some other medical complications.

After watching clannad that was like a 2 week deep depression because it felt almost real. I never even told her I started watching anime because of her.
Something unfortunate happened to me, but it couldn't be helped
We're all little girls here, anon.
Maybe it's just my autism. I never like anyone sitting behind be unless it's a friend. Same with buses. Plus I like looking out the window and catching the sun during spring/summer.
I paid a girl to leave me alone.

She was going to give me a lap dance, I gave her 5$ to go away.
Were you then arrested?
>I thought that shit was fucking retarded and gay but a week later I watched lucky star

How fucking ironic.
You clearly had illicit thoughts.
You made it sound like the "once" implies it only happened once because you promptly got arrested, paedophile scum.
File: notyourblog.jpg (20.42 KB, 635x158)
20.42 KB
20.42 KB JPG
File: 1389141616728.jpg (265.25 KB, 1153x1437)
265.25 KB
265.25 KB JPG
Thought police after you too?

Feels bad man.
I have a lot of little cousins, and at the time that this happened I had three, but we were out by the pool at a house we were staying at in Florida, and for whatever reason they started climbing all over me. I was sitting in a chair by the pool, and the way they had their entire bodies all over me, and all over my dick, it gave me such a boner. Later that day I jerked one off and blew possibly the biggest load of my life. It was surreal.
The love of your life has just passed in front of your eyes and won't happen again.
File: 1363412844698.jpg (70.68 KB, 1280x720)
70.68 KB
70.68 KB JPG
It's more that I don't even get to hang out with my sister a lot. Something so commonplace I only really did once.
My child hood friend was in love with me and i completely ignored her

You should make a light novel and title it that.
I can't belibe my childhood friend was in love with me and i completely ignored her, and now I am a NEET.
So far I have eaten as many as 10,000 breads
I punched girls and they fell in love with me after that.
File: 1379785820521.png (217.11 KB, 422x538)
217.11 KB
217.11 KB PNG
I once pretended to be a friend's boyfriend for a photo shoot she dragged me along to.
While she was out they asked if I was her boyfriend or brother to decide how the shoot would be and I panicked.
>be beta me in senior year
>have female best friend who I was in love with
>decide to confess to her
>same day I reconnect with male childhood best friend
>get distracted and forget to confess
>weeks later female best friend and childhood best friend go out
>years later I find out her and three other close female friends all had crushes on me
>realized I was as dense as the average male mc
had sex with a gril while she was on the phone with her ex boyfriend
im qt
>start of high school
>no one really knows me
>end up becoming popular
>4 girls all want me to give them the d
>constantly make moves on me
>I never took the hint until one day one of them just came out and told me
>be an indecisive fuck "holy shit how do I deal with this?"
>end up fucking it all up in the end

I was all excited when I realized anime hadn't lied to me about high school, too
File: 4568134856781.jpg (330.24 KB, 1280x1153)
330.24 KB
330.24 KB JPG
One of the "different" students from my high school hit on me once.

How bad is it that I regret being beta about that?

She was kind of hot.
File: 1379029816114.jpg (24.95 KB, 347x229)
24.95 KB
24.95 KB JPG
Sat near the window which overlooked our school's basketball area, the 'popular' girl of the class and she often tried to strike up conversation with me, but I ignored her because I figured she had ulterior motives, her dad pulled her out of that school like a quarter of the year in supposedly because she was unable to make friends.

I've felt like an asshole ever since someone I knew told me I'd have been her first friend
I bumped onto a lamppost and my sister and her friends almost fell down laughing at me.
File: 1389384158571.jpg (112.72 KB, 431x450)
112.72 KB
112.72 KB JPG
I drifted my car around a corner while listening to Running in the 90s.
The cop that saw it and pulled me over told me not to spill my Tofu water or my dad will be pissed
I got off with a warning.
I had two girls in my japanese class who would make sexual jokes and pretend fight over who would get to bed me. Knowing it was all a joke I acted like the typical MC and was completely flustered.
I've gotten love letters.
And there was one time when I was out with my little sister and she said "this is almost like a date."
I once got in a fight with a bully during break, but since the break was about to end, we decided to postbone it until the next break. A few minutes later word got around school for some reason and like 50 people wanted to watch the fight and followed me to the area where we were suppose to meet.
However he chickened out(i'm not joking, i'm sure he was stronger than me but he was still scared) so the 50 people looked around and trying to gather info where he was hiding. We never found him and got disappointed for not having a fight. But this raised my reputation up a bit from "that loser who is always alone" to "that loser that made a bully run away"
Sure it wasn't a clichee anime/manga thing, but it sure felt like it, with the whole "after school, you and me, i will show you who is boss!" thing going on

>and everyone knows the back row is for creeps so you gotta ride that second to last row.
So funny how something like that changes from culture to culture
Here in germany, or at least in my schools, the back seat was reserved for the "cool kids" aka the guys who never studied.
If you were a nerd who sat in the back row you were 100% sure to get bullied, or at very least, forced to "share"(aka get stolen) your homework by the other guys in the row.
And then you shot 'em up.
Chuuni syndrome until I was 23, I had a real bad case of it.

I wish I were joking.
I once tripped on the stairs and accidentally groped a girl's boobs. Well, not really "groped", but I did get a good involuntary squeeze of them. I let go immediately and apologized like a madman, girl was redder than a strawberry and ran away. She was pretty cute too. I think I used up an entire lifetime's worth of luck in that moment.
Over the course of high school i had about six girls literally throwing themselves at me and fighting over me but I was as retarded as a MC in an eroge except I never got laid.
Used to live near this massive hill. Fucking thing was at least 50 feet tall. One winter me and a few friends decided to put together a ramp near the bottom. Flew about 20 feet, fractured tailbone on landing, tossed from the sled, concussion and now I can't remember what bus to take in the morning without looking at a schedule.
File: spatula desk.jpg (45.18 KB, 604x453)
45.18 KB
45.18 KB JPG
One classroom had this desk in the protagonist seat.
>nobody even cares anymore

What happened to this place, it's not even weekend.
The "bully" was probably afraid an edgy loser such as yourself would cut him or stab him with a needle or some shit.
I have super powers where I can fuck around with my mind and nervous system far more than other people.

I can manually induce adrenaline rushes, possible turn down/eliminate pain, change by body temperature, and easily achieve fully lucid dreams.

Never went through a chunni phase though.

Also I can get incredibly high whenever I want without drugs.
It's 3 am over here and I'm feeling sleepy, don't really give a fuck anyway and mods are asleep.
Pfftt. I used to pretend I was tripping just so I can grab boobs/ass.
doubt it, after all he started the first fight, so he knew what he was going into. If he thought i am someone who would use something as cheap as a knife or so, he wouldn't have started a fight in the first place.

It was just another typical bully thing "punch the nerd once and then claim your territory" however when something happens that they don't expect, aka someone fighting back, they pussy out or turn out to be really weak.
what is Chuuni?
Eh. what can you do, atleast its contained in one thread.
File: 1390468274024.jpg (15.91 KB, 218x237)
15.91 KB
15.91 KB JPG
Araragi pls.
Whatever you say Sauerkraut.
/a/ is best when off topic anyway.

And it is anime related.
File: nichijou suffering.gif (1.58 MB, 320x180)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF

does that count?
during my younger years at school, i executed athletic feats which made me come off as unrealisticly well coordinated to observers. they were just lucky things I did in the spur of the moment.

beat entire track team in a short distance race after I gave them a head start and didn't take a starting position.

beat a talented high school wrestler in a single point match by neutralizing his practiced moves and then copying them against him, even though it was my first time performing the moves.

front flipped over a sudden, expensive obstacle while stupidly chasing someone in a room full of expensive equipment

was going full speed on a bike and was about to crash into a girl, so I use my upper body to push myself off the bike, to the side, and stop the bike and myself upon landing in a standing position. both her and i were really surprised I was able to stop the momentum at the speed I was going in such an immediate manner.

punched a stray soccer ball out of the air when it was about to hit someone in my group of friends
I was Shirou Dense in highschool.

I've won games of Magic:The Gathering and Yugioh with long, convoluted, and highly unlikely single turn plays.
Anyone else like annoying that serious guy until he was mad enough to punch you? Or was that just me?
I fucked my imouto.
Also before someone calls me insane there's other people like me.

Fucker can control his autonomic nervous system and is basically immune to cold weather.

I haven't mastered his abilities yet.

Maybe one day.
File: 1366008294471.gif (426.84 KB, 500x281)
426.84 KB
426.84 KB GIF
I applaud you for that.
oh god I did this non stop in highschool and got into several fights because of it. I enjoyed every single bit of it
>absolute cancer

Fuck off
I walk in on one of my sisters changing a couple times a year.
I feel like being the MC of NHK. I was always somewhat antisoc, but I'm not a complete NEET tho (am a uni student), and since my best (and only real) friend left town more than half a year ago I have no idea how to (re)connect to people.
Who are you quoting?
there is something about pushing serious people over the edge that I get off on. Everyday, you just give them a slight push here and there and finally on that day where they snap it makes everything worth it.
File: oreki.png (301.06 KB, 851x714)
301.06 KB
301.06 KB PNG
>I was sitting first row in class and there was a bag in the chair next to mine.
>Tough friend comes and throws the bag aside to sit next to me.
>The owner was a shy unpopular girl of our class and took it with watery eyes and went straight to the back.
>I made my friend go apologize and told her to come sit with us. She looked happy.
>She sat next to me for the rest of the year and we became friends.

If my life was an anime I would be the dense MC that does not notice the shy girl's feelings.
Good job.
File: bad feel.png (70.01 KB, 639x766)
70.01 KB
70.01 KB PNG
Nobody cares about my superpowers
>believing anything on the internet
I hung out with a girl and her ex boyfriend and then fucked her while he listened outside. I was the faceless old guy in a NTR doujin.
You're just jealous that I can get high legally whenever I want.
Through most of my school life I was in and out of the hospital with health issues. About halfway into my last year in highschool I got too sick to continue, so the teachers decided it was best for me to just sit it out and miss graduating with my classmates. My friends being somewhat into anime thought it was a good idea to host a pretend ceremony just for me so I would'nt be left out. Most anime thing I've ever experienced.
In the mind of that guy you will always be a fat sweaty old business man.
I befriended a guy at high school and it turned out he is actually a she.
Back when I was in high school I thought I could fight anyone no matter what. So I went around a few schools with this black guy and his girl to challenge people to fights and I won them all.

Then I transferred to this martial arts school or some shit. Beat up some first year nerds but then I got my shit handed to me by this older guy just because the girl he likes was all over me. I didn't even care about her, still got her in the end though.
I joined the student council.

It was pretty boring.
Lucky star was good because I didn't like cliched DBZ fighting with poor uninteresting writing to appeal to kids
File: please rape me1.gif (1.68 MB, 528x297)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
Im just going to blog about what happened to me today when I went to the store.

So I gathered all the stuff I need and went to the cashier but she wasnt there. After a while she comes out between some shelves with a smile on her face. I smile at her and realize she was smiling and laughing with someone else whom I couldnt see behind the shelves. For a nanosecond she seems confused then smiles back at me. I feel like killing myself. I pay my things and when she hands me the receipt our fingers touch. I smile at her and say "thank you". I start to pack my stuff into a plastic bag. I feel my cock is getting harder from touching her finger. I Leave the store quickly.

Does this shit happen to you guys?
i ate curry and it was delicious
>they think I look good
>that's a bad thing
>they think I look bad
>that's a bad thing

women logic
>claims anime is gay and retarded
>watches Lucky Star instead of some martial arts shonen like normal person

Literally a retard.
>blog shit
Kill yourselves
>I feel my cock is getting harder from touching her finger.
I am a fucking beta but that made even me cringe. Christ.
When I was a kid (like 10) I punched a bully who was picking on one of my friends in the face and yelled "You're not living your life correctly!" literally to the word (he had been bullying people all year and I genuinely felt that way) and this was before Index was even a thing (I'm 20 now so about 10 years ago).
A girl had a crush on me once and I acted like I didn't know because teenager bullshit don't wanna ruin friendship stuff.

I teased her all the time then got embarrassed whenever she did something cute at me.

It didn't go anywhere, I guess it was a reverse harem and the guy who liked her won.
I was student council prez when I was in highschool, but no one ever opposed my charismatic rule so I had no transfer student come along to overthrow me
it's a deconstruction of the high-school battle genre
This one time when I was shopping for groceries I saw this discount for a packaged dinner thing. I had no time to cook and you just microwave that shit to warm it up and eat it so I decided to get it.

It was the last one left and I was the only one around. But right as I was about to grab it, this stupid bitch pushed me away and tried to get it. I got so mad that I punched her in the face and knocked her out. Got my food and got out. Even got a nice sticker from the packaging.
I went on adventures with a few faggots from school in highschool and broke into abandoned houses and fist fought and once got my dick sucked by one of them. Then they disappeared for the next two years so I plotted to take over the student council with me and some newfound allies sick of the current system but they denied my application for the necessary first year of it due to someone talking about my plans. Thereafter I just fucked around with the school press and tv news service to be as anti-them as possible and sometimes put internet jokes in as subtly as my 16 year old brain could achieve. Another thing was that me and three friends would always hang out at a sandwich place every friday from three until closing usually and by the end of our schooling career the people that worked there knew all of us by name and were giving us free shit. I also spent a lot of time pen and paper gaming with a diverse bunch of people and learned a lot about life from, the notable ones were a southern army brat moved to the city, a hippie, a hipster with a knack for stalking and was also a pathological liar, a pretend SJW, my best friend who was a leftist fascist, a tacticool /k/ommando wannabe, two hobos, and a timid, frightful girl that invited me and my friend to first do traditional games. When I graduated, the end speeches by classmates was orchestrated to the band and it was really like my chinese cartoons.
Yes, although all it takes for me would be the smile.
>No friend

I went on a date without realizing it was a date until she mentioned it halfway through. Apparently asking a girl to prom automatically meant we were dating if she accepted.
oh c'mon it wasnt that bad. I just felt my cock get semi hard and it settled down after I walked out. It wasnt like I was having one of those teenage diamond hard boners that you used to get in class.

I agree its really beta to pop a boner from just touching her finger
You dense-ass MC
File: Kurata_robot.jpg (311.14 KB, 550x550)
311.14 KB
311.14 KB JPG
.....I've piloted a giant mech, it was pic related
and before anyone asks, no I am not a millionaire, it wasn't actually mine but rather was at a demonstration that I happened to be at, got to fire the guns and everything.
You're kidding, right?
>Poorly choreographed and unrealistic fighting scenes
>This is the dominant trait of the genre
>It's shit
>The characters are retarded and make really stupid decisions that make me feel completely detached and uninterested in whatever stupid fucking shit they do
>The plot is ridiculous and meant to pander to the retards that would watch it and every other thing like it, no need for variety when you've got the most dedicated shit eating fanbase, the shouneniggers

Compared to something like lucky star, it's much more interesting to see something new, and at the time it was new to me. I had never even known non fighting-scene anime existed. The characters were new and interesting/relatable. There was no need for a "plot". You just show a different fantasy life that's laid back and enjoyable.

Of course now lucky star has 3 copies every season and is now in an ocean of piss. Thanks japan good work
Im glad Im not that beta.
Pretended to have a lot of friends in an attempt to make some I guess, she did the act really well which is why I thought she had ulterior motives to begin with
>why does some cute popular girl want to start a conversation with someone like me
How does one not realize?
I got NTR'd by a girl I fell in love with practicing for a school play.
I guess.
God that sucked.
Not to me but a friend,
He confessed to some girl and he got rejected horribly and right after lightning struck pretty dramatically, I got to see it and everything, and we called him the main character after that
File: why.png (292.14 KB, 720x400)
292.14 KB
292.14 KB PNG
I was sitting at a table and a clumsy girl walking past
tripped over. I caught her as she fell onto me.
There was even lingering eye contact as she was in my

If it was like in muh chinese cartoons she would have screamed baka and I may have molested her accidentally causing her to fall in love with me.

But since we're in the worst dimension she apologized
quickly then walked away. Owari.
I was the best bro character that never got laid,
does it even count as NTR if the girl isn't your girlfriend or wife?
I mean thats just silly, people have unfullfilled crushes all the time
Thats pretty anime but not anime exclusive.
File: 1385163968294.png (145.87 KB, 345x345)
145.87 KB
145.87 KB PNG
No, I was retarded. I asked her to go right after she confessed to me, too. Also, she caught me on the rebound of asking another girl out. I feel pretty bad since I only ever saw her as a friend.
File: 1376782594862.jpg (67.47 KB, 313x451)
67.47 KB
67.47 KB JPG
I sit in the back left of class by the windows.
File: 1383823659422.png (36.48 KB, 225x217)
36.48 KB
36.48 KB PNG
someone almost rape me in the ass because my girlish figure when I was young
How can you be edgy and hip at the same time?
>Volunteer to work at a local farm fair
>Get asked to escort a Japanese exchange student who is returning home the following day
>Walk with exchange student so she can give a farewell gift to one of the 4-H participants
>Watch them say goodbye and pinkie promise
>Wonder how the hell I got a walk-on role in a shojo manga
I dunno;
A lot of close scenes together, hanging out afterwards, flirting with each other.
I was just getting the nerve to ask her out when I find out she had drunkenly fucked the guy at the top of my "I want to kick his ass" list the day before the show.
>go on /a/
>bitch about shows I hate
That has to be somewhere, right?
We were just walking around a shitty mall, it didn't feel like a date at all since I did that with all of my poorfag friends. The only "date" thing we did was share a slushie.
After school I went to Mc.Ronalds with friends.
Some friends of mine and I went on a class trip and stayed in hotels.
I stood up for a girl I liked when half of the class was bullying her.
We ended up dating but she turned out to be a terrible person.
Had a female friend who played the "cool horny big sister" role perfectly. and was pretty physically affectionate. Unfortunately, I was too beta and dense to pick up on it at the time and she ended up with another guy.
>accidentaly touch classmate breast
>she scream sexual assault
>his boyfriend come to my house asking for fight
>my mother call principal
>all hell broke lose
>get branded as pervert
>she is drama queen with 8/10 looks

3DPD is the worst
I was really weak in my first year of High School so I got bullied a lot. I managed to make friends with this cure girl though and she happened to be a martial artist so she gave me a few tips. Later on I discovered she lives in her grandpa's dojo with sever other martial artists and I went there to train myself.

The training paid of eventually and I managed to defend myself a few times. As time passed though more and more stronger people wanted to fight me for some reason. I ended up fighting my childhood best friend who I had actually forgotten. He was really fucking strong too. Still won the fight though.
File: 1386803473477.png (94.45 KB, 608x366)
94.45 KB
94.45 KB PNG
I worked up a horrific amount of nerve and asked five separate girls to prom, each one refusing because they had apparently already been asked, and then seeing them all show up alone

Is that anime?
It still haunts me six years later.
File: 1351218283452.jpg (263.06 KB, 641x478)
263.06 KB
263.06 KB JPG
When I was in high school, a lot of bitches wanted my dick.

But I was so focused on childhood friend that I ignored the obvious D-wanting. Pretty sure I've actually used "Huh? What did you say?" at least once back then.

Turned out childhood friend was the worst girl, I was too dense to realize that at least two of the girls who were after me were actually great people, and I fucked everything up and ended up alone. If only I had paid more attention to my japanese animes.
Good job. At least someone gets it...
Not cool
What the fuck does that have to do with being the bro character?
I became a neet.
Didn't mean to quote,Forgot to erase it
They had a friend who secretly admired, that's the reason they refused, they hoped you will ask their friend. And you'd failed them.
I too chose worst girl once(between two girls), terribly regret it
They all got NTR'd the night before prom, that's why they showed up alone.
In High School I my seat was right next to this girl. She was the most popular girl in the school too, every other girl was mirin her hard and she even had a fan club. I was a pretty ordinary guy so didn't pay much attention to her, but she always happened to be around me. Sat next to me in class, rode the same bus to school as me and stuff.

Something happened one day though, don't really remember what it was but she ended up defending me I guess. Then we had some transfer student girls in our class that wanted to beat me up for some reason. But this girl always stood up for me and we got really close. She even invited me to live at her place. Shit was crazy.
Hmm, this seems familiar somehow.
Go back to your Witch Craft Works thread.
I don't know man. All I remember is that the girl was blonde with very big breasts for her age. Also, this one sensei in the dojo was really hot. I don't remember how old she was but she might have been a CK too.
All the cute girls I know are lesbians.
Wow I had to make it extremely fucking obvious for someone to notice.

Sorry I didn't get your reference post in a blog thread.

>Work in public service
>cute coworker asks me out for drinks
>I refuse because I don't drink and I'm feeling tired that day and I'll obviously see her tomorrow right?
>Hindsight, she was asking me out on a date. She moved soon after
>No one has ever asked me out since that day two years day,
Come on! I wanted to make it interesting or something, I'm sure you can get the other references I made as well.
I used the MC seat during highschool but I was always just the comic relief character who doesn't get any character development for my friends
File: hmm.jpg (13.94 KB, 355x272)
13.94 KB
13.94 KB JPG
There was also this Thai boxer in the dojo. He was a real cool guy. I think his name started with A or something. Not sure.
You're being obnoxious about this. Nobody cares because your power doesn't involve turning into a loli or traveling to the 2D world.

In fact even normal people won't care unless you work you ability into a pick up line or "prove" you're "better" than all your friends (on which case they'll only hate you),
I got the dojo one was a reference, don't know what it was a reference to. I think there was another earlier but I forgot what it was.

You can do it. I believe in you. >>101558002
>Get invited to hangout/make lunch by a friend
>Figure itll be a small mixed gathering or something
>Show up at her apartment
>Literally seven girls and myself
>They're making ramen aka boiling water in the tiny kitchen
>Once it's prepared and we're eating, they all gang up on me and ask me random questions
>Afterwords, I kid you not, we all eat long as fuck popsicles
>Everyone is licking and sucking and trying to figure out the best way to eat it
>This is as harem as my life will ever get
>back when I was 17
>on my way to school, get on a tram
>cute girl from my class is there
>we talk about some stuff
>suddenly a bump on the road
>she falls into my arms
>we blush and look away
I turned my wife into a dog so the military would give me a boss ass mansion and dosh.
Nothing of value was lost. Gonna get rid of my daughter and that annoying as fuck dog next.
>acted like your stereotypical dense MC in high school
>now I'm a wizard
I was practically a supporting character in a harem anime.

>be 15
>like this one girl
>find out that my friend liked her too
>think that since I'm not actually planning on making her mine, I might as well be a bro and get them together
>do my best to push them together
>my best friend gets in on it too
>our efforts are ruined by the fact that our friend was dense as fuck and didn't believe that any girl could probably like him
>even though he's a martial artist who gets really good grades, and was one of the most popular guys of the class
Chris, you fucker.
You should have NTR'd him.
As a funny little epilogue though, the girl actually turned out to be a lesbian.

Low self-esteem, socially retarded, ball of issues, etc.
Girls are always lesbians anon.
>cute girl in high school was obliviously madly in love with me
>ignore her

And I still don't know why.
File: 1364808372669.gif (234.39 KB, 663x720)
234.39 KB
234.39 KB GIF
Must you remind me? It hurts every time.
I was Shirou-dense in school. There were a few girls who, looking back, obviously were interested in me, but I didn't notice.

It's weird how that happens. It makes harem manga/anime a little more plausible. Teenage boys are pretty stupid.
>get sick with a fever
>girl I have a crush on comes over to see how I'm doing, and to bring over some food
>I've been sleeping up to the point when she came over, and am covered in sweat due to fever
>she tells me to go take a shower, and she'll get dinner ready for me
>coming out of shower
>tell her I forgot to bring a change of clothes with me
>she brings them
>just got out of shower, so obviously naked, and drying self off
>I tell her to just leave it near the door
>she opens the door completely, and I'm standing there naked with a "What the hell are you doing face"
>I scream, and call her an idiot
>she closes the door quickly, and tells me she's sorry
Also, no, night didn't end in sex
It hurts.

No anon, you are the baka.
File: 1383268078734.jpg (375.15 KB, 1021x848)
375.15 KB
375.15 KB JPG
Me on the left.
I wasn't good enough for her. She... she will be happy with someone else.
It's for the best.
>she can get 6 free tickets to a small park/arcade
>she invites her best friend and myself and tell me to invite whoever
>my friends and her best friend constantly leave us alone
>continuously oblivious as fuck
>best summer of my life
And here I thought the mods were asleep.

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