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/a/ I require assistance, I was remembered my childhood watching adult swim when I thought of an old anime show I watched but I can't remember the fucking title so I can rewatch it.

Basically I remember it was a group of people who were converted to androids by some fucking professor. There was a woman and some guys and a fucking baby and they were all dressed in red outfits. I swear they were in a zeppelin and they had to defend it once where they used weird aircraft that could cut other planes in half.

An episode I remember was where the group stumbled onto some fucking house that somehow had a womans mind and it tried to fucking digest them or some shit.

does anyone know this anime? I swear I looked on adult swim but couldn't find the fucking thing.

also one of the characters had a long as fuck scarf.
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pls help /a/
You know there are lists of every anime that has aired on american tv. Why don't you search through those and read the descriptions? Clearly noone will help you
I'll be nice

Cyborg 009
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thank you based /a/ for helping a filthy shitter like me
You've been spoon fed, now stop fucking posting and don't come back again.
Nice job on helping the guy who couldn't even use an /a/ related image.

You've don't nothing but hurt us instead.

Look, I'm so hurt I couldn't even type that correctly.
You are such a fucking piece of shit.

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