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People think Mako will die, but comedic joke characters with little purpose in the story seldom do. Sunohara didn't die, Butan didn't die, Plue didn't die, etc
The older, stronger, influencing, watches out for the MC symbolic_bro/blood_sis dies. Kamina died, Itachi died, Ace died, Levi will die, schwartz bruder died, etc etc.
>3. Mako sadly doesn't have the popularity, importance, nor story role to influence the story if she died.
>4. Satsuki will turn out to be the flawed good guy (like master asia) who dies saving Ryuko spurring her to change and develop as a character.
>5. It's the only way to send KLK into TTGL territory.

or something
>6. No one will expect Satsuki to die because she's strong as fuck and gives not shit to power levels the same way no one expected Kamina to die when all the retards live.
>7. Satsuki is built up as the strong cool type to die. She's the 2nd most influential character in the story besides Ryuko(who's not going ot die). Trigger can't just do TTGL again so they remixed it so that Satsuki isn't a "bro", but is still a chaotic good who will be a martyr for everyone else.
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I have no idea who you're talking about. Not even going to touch the list of names under the Satsuki bullshit part.
It's true.
Just image the butt hurt, rage, tears, and reaction from /a/ when she dies.

0 threads if Guts or Inu dies.
Keyshit and Shonenshit. OP is a fag, as expected of somebody who seriously talks about "sending a show into TTGL territory".
Boota. The mole rat pig thing from TTGL.
>0 threads if Guts or NUI dies.
fix'd 4 u
Nui will be the killer

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