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hey /a/ i need some help. I've got from here this mp3 some time ago and I really like this. But i don't know where is this from and the file has NOT A SINGLE CLUE to identify the shit....

So, if anybody recognize where is this from, I'd appreciate the help...

mp3: http://rapidshare.com/files/98513152/____.mp3.html

In exchance i give you some Tessa-chan-a.k.a. my waifu or the goddes of love
My waifu shot your waifu in the head.
please.... I know is difficult but...


I only watched the 3 seasons and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW A SHIT what happens after that
Tessa dies. I laughed.
Tessa gets shot in the head by Chidori.

Kruz is potentially dead. His body has not been found. He had sex with Mao.
yeah tessa's dead for real unless they bring up stupid plot device like cloning and shit.
Kyoko was raped and killed by Gauron, who came back, of course.
tessa doesn't die, chidori shoots her in the head where they previously implanted a plate. Sousuke shoots Chidori in retaliation and she recovers from the mind-control. Only to freak out as she remembers everything that she did, that combined with the trauma of having Sousuke shoot her in anger drives her to try kill herself.[/spoilers]
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bump for help

no one knows the song?

I was with you until you said Chidori tried to kill herself. Somehow I can't exactly see her slitting her wrists.
Sorry, I've got nothing, OP. I can't recall ever hearing it before
I have nothing. Maybe it's some Touhoe music or something, in which case BANNED FOR /jp/-MATERIAL LOL

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