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54s spoilers yet?
Levi, mikasa and sashsa watches Jean and Armin from above. While a person appears in front of Jean and Armin saying, " We finally meet eren and Krista, or should I say Historia" Note this character has never been shown in the series. Mikasa is ready to attack but Levi tell her to wait and see what happens. A conversation started with Jean and armin and the unkown person, but we as the readers are only able to see from levi and mikasa pov.

Historia tells eren The truth about the walls and who she needs to meet, Historia ask eren to follow her somewhere? Eren is hesitant and is not sure if he should leave the hide out.

Erwin meets the supreme commander and pixes, Erwin ask the supremem commander if he can help him to get some information about the reiss family, The supreme commander laughs and said " Do you think I want to die early?"

The chapter ends off with both Jean and Armin having a face that looks shock!! Mikasa ask levi if he heard anything levi said "only a little bit, BUT I cant believe what I just heard. The chapter ends there
Read more at http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=841567#CFGKrRcTMRqXL3CR.99

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