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Looking a little Negi there huh

Hopefully this proves that Negi really wasn't a human after going full Magia Erebea, and Touta is also half vampire/half whatever
He shouldn't be able to just do that with zero practice. I would guess this has to tie in somehow with his pre-amnesia years and family history.
I hate how anti-climactic this is getting. I can understand the naked girl fight. They assassin was strong, sure, but the girl was able to kick his ass. A regular shonen fight right? OP's pic however is complete bull. I thought the story had introduced insanely strong characters that they would later have to face once they reach level 67 at around chapter 200. Something along the lines of Zoro facing Mihawk early in the story, yet standing abosolutely no chance of defeating him. That little skirmish served as an intro for Mihawk. I find it bullshit that the story has chosen to give the main character an insane power up that ultimately lmakes the bad guys seem just useless (this is assuming he beats them). Why do manga artists rely on deuce ex?
Why would that bother anyone in a series where half the cast started out immortal right from the start, in the sequel to a series full of overpowered badasses?

We already have a power level scale, and the baddies in this chapter are still pretty low on it.
I'm honestly hoping that the powerlevel bullshit turns out irrelevant because everyone's an immortal anyway and they'll mostly fight with tricks and seals and shit. I'm not sure if it's going there though.

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