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File: Nadesico0308.png (510.50 KB, 640x480)
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I miss the 90s when we were all high on obscenely large eyes and Hayashibara Megumi
I feel it.
There's this certain feeling I get when I see those huge shining eyes, pale colors (especially in backgrounds, when it looks all misty) and those godtier soundtracks.
The 90s were stylistically the worst decade. In all aspects of life.
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You don't have to tell me twice, OP.
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Nadesico is a great and tragically under-appreciated show that will never have a proper ending or a second season.

Nadesico was great, though honestly I don't think it's under appreciated any more than any other older show is.
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Megumi Hayashibara hasn't been listed on any countries restricted substances lists, but the World Health Organization still recomends limiting daily exposure.
This comes from light novel?
I sure miss the hell out of good 90s anison.



File: supa-0004.jpg (215.41 KB, 840x1200)
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Still, it'll live on forever in Super Robot Wars.

Hell, Nadesico is turning into the new Argama that forms the core of the Real Route army these days.

>Yurika is the new Bright
megu was pretty meh
i liked nadesico tho
Daijobu anon-chan, we have KanaHana and everyone is obscenely moe.
You forgot Masami Okui



I would never forget her, but I needed a seiyuu/singer for my purposes.
File: gekiganger_3.jpg (59.80 KB, 624x453)
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I actually just finished Nadesico a few hours ago. That ending was not an ending.

Gonna watch the movie and the Gekiganger OVA tomorrow because I can't get enough JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

And yeah Nadesico just kind of stops more than actually ending, and the movie doesn't really do anything to wrap things up.
there is some untranslated game that bridges the plot of nadesico with the movie or something like that, i remember reading about it some time ago in /m/
There was one for Sega Saturn that covered the gap, and another for Dreamcast that continued after the movie.
What kind of colors did they use? What is the name for the palettes? Today everything seems too bright I like the more subtle tone of pre 2000.

90s was the best, it was the transition from old to new. The slow phase out of typewriters for computers. 3D games becoming a thing. Everything was so experimental.
>What kind of colors did they use? What is the name for the palettes? Today everything seems too bright I like the more subtle tone of pre 2000.

I just watched Akira for the first time and I was thinking the same thing. I know it's a movie (and not from the 90s) but those night time scenes were excellent
>What is the name for the palettes?

It hasn't nothing to do with the palettes. The colors look different because they used actual paint in the past. Digital coloring is to blame for the palette shift.

If you look at any anime from the early digi-paint era, they all look like shit because they were trying to emulate the look of cel paintings. It just didn't work.

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