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Ghost in the Shell:Arise....Okay so no one here really needs to tell me I should watch it if they really like it, but after SAC1/2, SSS, and of course the Oshii films, is there really any reason to watch this new series? I've read the manga too....Is this anything more than a retread over familiar plots?

I don't have any faith in anime post 2001...seriously why was this show made?
I was it just to see more GiTS but it's...a but weak. It just seems like it takes the most basic ideas of the movies and series and further condenses them. It feels like a poor man's GiTS. Not to say it's bad, it's just not as good

And the character designs still irk me. The Major not so much anymore but the other people are ugly as fuck. And Saito and Pazu were way more badass in SAC/2nd Gig

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