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File: 1387566380479.png (390.96 KB, 2617x3000)
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Kill la Kill BD vol 1 is out already right?

Why hasn't there been any comparison screenshots or raws uploaded yet?
File: 1391049812023.jpg (21.57 KB, 384x288)
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pls respond
File: help.jpg (73.78 KB, 815x513)
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there are no raws anywhere
>stills and shittily-drawn frames in 1080p
Why would you want that?
>comparing shit with shit
It's still shit
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File: 1382052685329.png (443.97 KB, 602x553)
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Is the answer just "nobody has uploaded it yet?"

Because I find that hard to believe for such a mainstream popular show.
>I want my different flavor of shit to get here faster!
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The quickest way to make me go away is to respond normally.
If it's not uploaded then people are encouraged to buy it. Shocking, I know.
An anon already said he was going to rip the drama cd for us when it arrived but nothing else.

A prominent raw uploader got arrested a few weeks ago.
The incident scared a lot uploaders.
>Is the answer just "nobody has uploaded it yet?"
The person in charge of ripping it (of U2Musume) is the same person in charge of ripping Danganronpa, which is currently like 4-5 months behind.
figure when
Anyone can rip securely. There's lots of ways. One is just rip and then go to a public place and upload it there. Nobody's investigative work will go further than seeing the IP of that public place and they'll give up. Nobody will do fucking stake outs or set up cameras or look at footage to try and find out who did that.
>One is just rip and then go to a public place and upload it there.
Good luck uploading 20GB from a net cafe
maybe japanese net cafés arent as shitty as here

and do net cafés still exist? they have fucking free wifi in mcdonalds and a load of other public places as well
There's plenty of places with fast speeds. You just need to find one between a group of people online and have someone go to the fastest. Going for tea and relaxing isn't much work.

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