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How does it feel,/a/?
How does it feel knowing these assholes,these so called "Journalist" are now creeping in to you hobby/past time?
Feels like ignore them. Normalfags will be normalfags, you can't change that. It doesn't belong on /a/.

This is a simple concept that has eluded /v/ for years.
Why should I care? Why should care and keep on giving them page views? Their opinions on shit mean literally nothing to me

It's the exact same with Kotaku.

IGN has been skirting the edge of anime for years now. This isn't anything surprising. They'll never step out of the casual end of the pool so why should I give a fuck?

Doesn't feel nearly as bad as you making these threads. Remember to report OP for advertising.
>God hand
Why should I care?
Stop posting this shit.

No one should care, it doesn't belong here, and you're advertising them.
I can't wait to read this and laugh.
File: 1369334053382.jpg (77.94 KB, 351x351)
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77.94 KB JPG
Report and move along.
File: 1390988301897.jpg (8.96 KB, 216x216)
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8.96 KB JPG
Why is a certain anime article by IGN suddenly a problem out of the other articles they've put out.
So, there are people that browses /a/ that goes to IGN.

Report this shit.
I want GiantBomb to hire a cool somewhat weeb guy that isn't annoying as fuck to cover japanese stuff.
File: 1391487742995.jpg (11.90 KB, 325x288)
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11.90 KB JPG
>OtakuUSA (I've seen a magazine of it in Walmart)

They've been doing this for long now. But they'll sooner or later get to this shit. Your animu will not be the same anymore

>mfw the Japanese capitalize on this, and make a 4th season of Boondocks for Muricans

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