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Hi /a/

Long story short, I have to debate some neckbeard over who would win in a war between every anime character and the entire Warhammer 40k universe. I took the side of anime which I admittedly have limited knowledge of. So, /a/ I need you to tell me the most powerful characters in all of anime/manga/etc. and what makes them so powerful. The only character I know that I'm going to mention is Demonbane. Other than that I don't know much. Also, I don't know anything about this Warhammer shit that the neckbeard is defending, so if any of you know about that I would appreciate some info on what characters I should look out for.

pic somewhat related
The only character you need is Demonbane.
40K isn't that overpowered besides the gods.
File: Elder God Demonbane.png (217.71 KB, 1208x1616)
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Have fun.
File: Powerman.png (713.22 KB, 1593x5000)
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All you'll ever need
Only correct answer is Pico.
File: 2he9ily.jpg (839.48 KB, 1599x1247)
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Thank you based Powerman
Does anyone have the versions of this chart with the tiers separated? I have the final version of the bottom tier chart but I missed the threads for middle and top tier.
File: 1389846382293.jpg (878.01 KB, 2510x1949)
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I also missed bottom and top tier, but here's the most updated version of the full chart I've seen.
File: 1389804453334.jpg (783.46 KB, 2510x1571)
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783.46 KB JPG
Here's the bottom tier one

Was Sakura really that powerful? All I remember her being able to do was use the powers of cards she had previously captured, though it has been years since I saw it.
now go home.
Remember that pokemon has slugs as hot as the surface of the sun and supersonic goddamn birds.
Why are some characters in both charts?
How did you manage to get into an argument in which you know nothing about either side?
File: 1317264907899.jpg (667.16 KB, 1252x553)
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Sakura is pretty fucking broken.
Anime characters come from a world where they never lose. The ones who do lose are befriended.

Warhammer 40k is a world where people lose all the time.

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