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What's the most boring show you've ever watched? Pic related, of course.
you're favourite anime
Tomoko Market
Naruto - the most annoying gay ninja character.
Eureka 7
Probably Lucky Star, FLCL, or Diebuster. I just couldn't get into them.
fuck off
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Most would be so boring I'd have erased it from memory.

But because it keeps getting brought up on this site, Oreimo.

I don't even have an incest fetish, the only good parts, the segments that were otaku culture-themed humor like buying eroge or making a video game, decreased more and more as it got replaced more with episodes dedicated to the pseudo-harem.

I feel like if it was a show just focused on normalfags getting into otaku stuff or vice-versa(like Watamote with better social awareness) it'd be a better show. Same with Chuu2 2, I feel like I'm only watching that because fuck it, I've come this far. It's not like the romance part is interesting.
Your choice makes me irrationally angry; but as tastes vary and opinions are subjective You're a goddamn faggot OP.
I'd give you the picture of Ernie & Bert with the words "Your opinions make me angry!" but I don't have it at the moment, sadly enough.

To answer OP's question, I'd say the most boring show I've seen is Bounen no Xamdou
If OP's decisions make me angry, you're going to make me pop a blood vessel.

You're both right though, they're both kinda slow.

Only show that has actually bored me to tears was Hidan no Aria, which I had the unfortunate pleasure of having to sit through under circumstances (Anime Club) for reasons (indeterminate), until I decided it was an incredibly unsubtle stealth parody and then it was AOTS.
yeah, gunbuster is way more boring
NOIR. Fuck, I love RahXephon compared to NOIR.

The pacing was shit, the animation meh, and Bee Train can't rub two writers together to save their lives
Persona Trinity Souls

I watched the whole thing but I can't tell you what happened at all. I know it involved a whale, 10 years ago, and Akihiko cooking rice in someone's house without permission.
I get the feeling that some people on /a/ mix up slow with boring.

imo Rahxephon was slow, but it definitely wasn't boring. Planetes is sorta in the same vein. I feel like slow shows tend do a much better job of explaining things.
Trinity Souls is boring and fucking slow. They barely use the damn premise of fucking persona and sea of thy fucking souls.

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