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Day 56
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The title "Rainleon Diary" あめれおん日記 (amereon nikki), is a pun on the book かめれおん日記 (kamereon nikki), "Chameleon Diary", by Nakajima Atsushi.

First published in Weekly Shonen Magazine on June 22, 2011.
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Chapter 265 btw

>Rain Woman

A rain woman, or ame onna, is a woman whose presence is supposed to attract rain. This stems from a spirit in Japanese folklore.
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>Despair List

> An alien on aluminum foil
Stems from the fact that both are gray (or at least supposed to be, in the case of aliens)
>A funny person entering Yoshimoto's class
Refers more specifically to the "New Star Creation" School in Osaka. Comedians who make it to this school are considered the cream of the crop, so it's hard for any one of them to stand out, as they're all very funny people.
>A returnee in the Rakuten-group
Rakuten's company intern language is in English
>Umezu-sensei in front of a red and white curtain
One look at his website says it all.
>Calling down where Mosra's called
Reference to a yet unidentified Studio Toho monster movie.
>Ankh on the planet from Avatar
Ankh is a character from Kamen Rider OOO who looks like the Na'vi in Avatar.
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The character who put out the help wanted ad may look familiar to some readers. As it turns out, it's Hajime Kuji, director of the "There are roughly X things to do department" (what his t-shirt says), which was first introduced back in Chapter 185. The department typically just puts harebrained schemes into action, so it's not very surprising that class 2F gets involved fairly often.
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>Rain Woman Cards (Panel 5)

Untranslatable joke alert: The bottom card in this panel, instead of reading "Rain Amount Value" (Uryouchi), actually says Uryocchi, the nickname of voice actress Shirashi Ryouko, who voices Hayate in Hayate the Combat-Butler (Hayate no Gotoku!). Kumeta keeps the reference going with the "Rain Quality" statistic, which reads "Hayate gotoshi", meaning "like a hurricane", which is how Hayate no Gotoku! would literally translate. The final statistic, "Rain Continuity" reads R-24h, which one would think would stand for something like "Rain - 24 hours". In reality, R24-h is the name of a radio show that Shirashi Ryouko hosts.
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>Prime Minister

"It occurred to the Prime Minister, so we have no choice!" - A reference to Naoto Kan, who suddenly said he wanted more than 10 million solar panels produced in order to help wean Japan off nuclear power after the Fukushima crisis.
early today
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>Alternative Energies

> Electricity out of shame
恥熱発電 (chinetsuhatsuden), a pun on "geothermal energy" (地熱発電 chinetsu hatsuden)
> Primitive Electricity
原始発電 (genshi hatsuden), a pun on "atomic energy" (原子発電 genshi hatsuden)
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A reference to Harudanji Kataura, a rakugoka.


I have a test I need to study for.
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>Human Sacrifice

Refers to a(n apocryphal) practice of sealing a human sacrifice inside the walls of a building to offer to a diety in hopes that it will not crumble. This practice is known as "hitobashira" or "human pillars".
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Chapter 266

"Memos Above the Bamboo Leaf" (笹の上のメモ Sasa no ue no memo) is a pun on Shiba Ryoutarou's novel, "Clouds Above the Hill" (坂の上の雲 Saka no ue no kumo).

First published July 6, 2011.
>I want the CD to sell so well - Aki
Reference to Akimoto Yasushi, producer of AKB48.
>I want to be needed as the Prime Minister
>I want to become a person to protect her - Homura
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>Mu-shi-go-roshi (Killing Bugs) - Taika Reform

One of the little mnemonic devices for remembering dates or years. Mu-shi-go translates to 645, the year of the Taika Reforms.
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181.23 KB PNG
>Paper slips

The year the Heian period began, which was started with the moving of the capital (previously located in Nara) to Heian-kyo (modern day Kyoto).
One of the dates traditionally given to the start of the Kamakura period. (The other is 1192.)
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>Revolution (panel 3)

If every time France established a new republic counts as a revolution, their last one was in 1958.

>Tanzaku (Panel 8)

French Revolution
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File: 07.png (152.11 KB, 861x1200)
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>Tanzaku (Panel 1)

February 26 Incident
An attempted coup d'etat by the Japanese military in 1936
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>Tanzaku (Panel 1)

Perry visits Japan
Later, down the page, "1853 - Hito-ha-go-mi no you da (People look like dust)" is the mnemonic device to remember this date.

>"Muska and Perry have the same hair style" (Panel 5)

"People look like dust" is a line that Muska says in "Castle in the Sky"
File: 09.png (177.43 KB, 861x1200)
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>Don't know the answers (Panel 1)

>Because Sensei won't elaborate, we'll just tell you the answers instead.

1931 - Year of the Mukden Incident
1910 - Annexation of Korea by Japan
1904 - Year the Russo-Japanese War began.
1894 - Beginning of the First Sino-Japanese War.
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"I don't want to be confused with…" (Panel 3)

It was established in an earlier chapter that Kagero Usui looks like Edano.
Telegraph poles (Panel 3)

It's much harder to lurk behind telegraph poles (hello, anachronism!) when they're buried under ground. That, and it's harder to use them as weapons, too.
"I want it to be held" (Panel 3)

A reference to Comiket, which many suspected might have been cancelled due to the passage of Bill #156. As of Comiket 80 (August 2011), it hasn't.
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Chapter 267

Japanese was Setsudenchû no Nihon yori 節電中の日本より, a reference to an article by Kinoshita Naoe 木下尚江 called Setchû no Nikkô yori 雪中の日光より ("From Nikkô during snowfall")
File: 02.png (150.87 KB, 855x1200)
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File: 03.png (153.95 KB, 855x1200)
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>The Prime Minister thought this up again…

See chapter 265 for another "the prime minister thought it up"-joke.
File: 04.png (133.69 KB, 855x1200)
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File: 05.png (157.88 KB, 855x1200)
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>The laugh is not strong enough to directly effect health

Pun on several phrases said by Edano after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant incident. About radioactivity of course, though.
File: 06.png (159.44 KB, 855x1200)
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>At night, it'll seem 3 times as funny…

See volume 6, chapter 57.
File: 07.png (175.62 KB, 855x1200)
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>Saving laughs-fascism

Pun on a similar expression that calls power saving a kind of fascism.
File: 08.png (156.82 KB, 855x1200)
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156.82 KB PNG
>In 2001,…

Reference to chapter 153 of Katte ni Kaizô which is all about the expression "lol" (or (笑) in Japanese).
File: 09.png (160.96 KB, 855x1200)
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>The Smile got more expensive

Japanese Mc Donald's really list "smile" as an item on their menus and of course, the smile usually is free.

>Poster: "Don't laugh - Tsutsui"

Reference to this comedy short called "Don't laugh" by Tsutsui Yasutaka. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6inRK0U9z4
File: 10.png (150.02 KB, 855x1200)
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<Mona Lisa

She always smiles.

>Smiling Young Nobleman

A nickname for Korean actor Bae Yong-Jun

>It's OK not to laugh

Reference to the show Waratte ii tomo ("It's ok to laugh").

>No-Laughing Point

Reference to the show Shôten 笑点, literally "Laughing Point" (and itself a pun on the word shôten 商店 - "store")


-> S/mileage, a Japanese band.

>Brush play

Some kind of pervert SM play.

>Oden and Baths

Oden is a kind of hot soup you eat in winter and Japanese people usually take their baths at very high temperatures as well.

>Trains in unstable times

Most likely a reference to the Chuo-line in Tokyo, that's a kind of suicide train line.
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File: 12.png (173.67 KB, 855x1200)
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File: chiri sword.jpg (197.47 KB, 678x900)
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Until tomorrow

From Kumeta's blog

I can't say this out loud, but this is an illegal comic series. It didn't pass the magazine inspection into the country. Keep this hush-hush to the editor. Don't tip me off. I'd be foribly deported. When I was deported, my home was taken over by some other person so, now, someone else is living there. The nameplate said "Hida." I wonder what the person's like? My place in this new country is smaller than my last one. I'd like to live here permanently. Are the people in this country kind?
Now, hopefully, chapter 119.
Ima try all night to get these pages up, so I'd recommend looking this thread up on foolz instead of waiting on me.
Thank goodness that's over. In these conditions, I don't think dumping another chapter would be wise so I'll cut losses here. A blog.

To Myself at 15

In the words of a certain wildly-selling Jump artist, "I'm always making manga with myself as 15 as the target audience."
If I tried to draw for myself at 15, we'd be in big trouble. All I thought about day and night when I was 15 were women's bodies. Running away with tights that I stole! Running away (even though I didn't steal them). That was how I spent my nights when I was 15.
It would by necessity become a huge adventure epic about women's bodies.
"I'll become king of the red light district!"
I would get a GomuGomu fruit from a GomuGomu vending machine, then get scandalous photos of women's bodies mostly from Sweden, then enter into the "Absolute territory" know as the Grand Line (between the knee-high socks and the skirt), abd then get the hidden jewel. I would get the hidden jewel!!
So the paradox would be that if I drew for myself at 15, it would end up being an over-18-only series. I've come to a point in my life where it's hard for me to use adult themes anymore. But I'll shrug off my failures, so if Ms. Kikuko will be an eternal 17-year-old, I'll be forever over-18-only! <3
thanks man
File: 749876.jpg (76.87 KB, 562x397)
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Thanks for the dump. Much appreciated

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