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I'm glad Uka gets her own romance plot.

Cuz she's the best
Is this rape?
>owning an outrageous body
>getting into a man's bed
I think we all know that it's not
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File: 0204200741171.png (638.88 KB, 1280x720)
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Surprisingly it's not.

Did they actually get into some romance subplot in the manga or not?
What a slut. Good thing I dropped it.
do you know anything about shoujo?

it's half rape - he almost rapes her, her heart goes doki doki every time, then he stops because reasons, then she's in love with him for the rest of the season
File: 2014420102727.png (889.82 KB, 1280x720)
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>dropping the 2nd best comedy of the season
Actually it's nothing like that at all, it's fun and heartwarming

Uka barges into the house looking for Inari, and her brother finds her, they play games because Uka is facinated by games, she falls asleep, he asks what's going on and misunderstandings happen because he writes fantasy LNs and his imagination is running wild so he thinks she's hurting her somehow.
There's a bit of the 'he's an asshole but I love him,' but Inari's brother is a pretty cool dude who's awkward in his own way, even if they've made him bish as hell(dude's shirt was like half unbuttoned this whole time)
File: 1074.jpg (9.67 KB, 227x261)
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What really happened was Touka found Uka sleeping next to him when he woke up.

They gave him that funny looking getup since they merged the scenes together with Touka finding her in the attic and him waking up and finding her next to him.

Also no boob grab.
>we decided to drop Uka's "we" because it will create misunderstandings

File: img000016 (32).png (340.95 KB, 863x1300)
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Oh yeah, that was what happened in the manga. They're merging a lot, because this is only 10 episodes. It's a shame, cause it's really good material.
It's only going to be 10 episodes?
File: img000009 (39).png (390.90 KB, 884x1300)
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because life is pain
>second best
>not best
that's just a normal bed
Isnt Uka too old for Onii-san?
Age ain't nothin' but a number man
What's with all the rape in anime lately? Is rape legal in japan or something? It's getting creepy.
no sex was had

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