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>"original content"
>you now realize ufotable is going to announce fate prototype as their adaptation
Why exactly would you want something like Fate/Homotype? Ayaka is practically a self-insert for landwhales. Fate/Stay Night was good on it's own merits, and the only people that want this to happen are fujoshi or homosexuals.
Lancer master pretty hot.
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They should sell Fate/Prototype to hollywood and get a bunch of hot actors to play king arthur and gilgamesh, and let every 12-40 year old woman can self-insert as Ayaka.

Then everyone in Japan can afford money baths.
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Do you people remember stuff like the live action Dragon Ball movie?
File: A Tale of Two Arthurs.jpg (245.27 KB, 1597x936)
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okay japanese director but an english-speaking cast
This so hard.
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>Comparing a male King Arthur from a scrapped unfinished story to a female King Arthur from a completed Visual Novel.
This irritates me since we barely know Prototype Saber compared to Saber as of now.
At least we know that he doesn't suck dicks.
>At least we know that he doesn't suck dicks.
Tell that to Pixiv.

I cannot count how many times've masturbated to the scene on the right.

There's something magical in imagining that reserved Saber just taking your cock and going to town on it.
"The more pure something is the more pleasurable is to corrupt it."
or however that citation goes
Same with wanting to fuck a virgin. She will have zero experience and it will suck, but you will be the first forever no matter how many hundreds of cocks she will take later.
Nigger, don't make me squeal.
Well, I can certainly understand Gil's obsession over Saber now.

If only he knew...
That is actually incorrect. Gil is more pure than Saber. She is simply like a jewel compared to other women and as he is the keeper of the greatest artifacts he wants her for himself too. And he want her to crawl to him willingly, because that means she will acknowlege his superiority.
File: 1388484078104.png (175.93 KB, 441x421)
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>Fate/Stay Night was good on it's own merits
>Fate/Stay Night was good
Look, another retarded moron who can't understand the difference between otome and fujoshi.
File: divided by zero.jpg (247.23 KB, 1573x883)
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b-but those superior sex scenes and Nasu writing!
>Lancer's master

Nice. Very nice.
Landwhale please, Fate/Prototype is practically a fujoshi magnet.

>I can't prove him wrong...
>Guess I better use some epic greentexting! Th-th-that'll prove him wrong!
Quality counterargument, dude!

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