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I'm looking for more gender bender series. It doesn't seem to be all that common from the things that I've found. Crossdressing on the other hand seems more readily available, but I don't like that because it's not a full transformation. Also not interested in herms.

Where are the full gender bender series, where they become the opposite gender in everything, like right down to their DNA I guess? Pic related was alright I guess, but it had less focus on the gender-switching as the plot focus, and instead was just a storytelling tool to help focus on the real point of the plot, which was wacky "martial arts" shenanigans.
There's this one series whose artwork looked a lot like Ranma (a lot of series around that time looked like that)

the only difference is that the MC is an alien
Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme is pretty good, there's a decent demo up on Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/gender-bender-dna-twister-extreme

I got the full game after playing the demo, I thought it was a bit light on transformations as the Bri character is basically just a gender swap dating sim, but Lynn has catgirls and mermaids as well as all the romance, and I thought it was well worth my money.

Kampfer has gender bending too, but it's pretty stupid and just fanservice.

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