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>In the past, plump and rounded women were considered the pinnacle of female beauty. Now, society, and in turn women themselves, changed the ideal female figure. This story is about a young boy and his battle against society's stigma towards healthy women. He is the guardian of plump women around the world, and he will not stop until society realizes what is true female beauty. His name is Takehaya Susanono Mikoto and he is the 150th Guardian of the "Muchi Muchi." [DrCoke]

>Groups Scanlating

This is going to turn into another one of those /pol/ vs. tumblr threads isn't it?
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hopefully it won't

also this is by the same author who did Onidere, Saki was a tad chubby and she was best girl so I'd be interesting seeing his more curvy girls in that series

if it gets picked up ;_;
I can see this getting axed fast.
Someone get me a raw. I wanna see whats in this
>male MC

nah it's going to stay
Onidere is one of the funniest romcom manga i've ever read. I hope this one will be as good if not better
Fuck the name. Anyway, I need to see raws. If the girls are just anime fat instead of real fat, I could consider working on it.
> He is the guardian of plump women around the world, and he will not stop until society realizes what is true female beauty.
Last true hero on this damned earth.
>faggot tries to push his fat fetish on others
Too fat for me
Chubby chasers are the worst.
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File: not too fat.jpg (57.53 KB, 383x686)
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Well, if nothing else I've thrown it in my cart. Worth at least taking a look the next time that I order something anyway.

I'd have to read a bit before I could commit to working on it though.
But now we have healthy women. Look at the old ideal, they were fat and died with 30 years. Some health that is.
It's really stupid anyway, to compare two society expectations and declare the older one as the real standard that is somehow more valid.
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Is there anymore of that?
All I found was a few blogs and whatnot mentioning the manga with a few images such as that. Nothing too detailed. I stopped looking because I'd rather just wait for the volume to come if I am going to bother with it. That and I don't want to read any more Japanese at the moment.

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