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>there are people who defend fan service
Fan service is bad because it distracts away from the show for some inane bullshit, and detracts from the focus of the series.
if you like anime girls, there are entire websites full of porn of anime girls, and even featuring the same exact anime characters as the show you like
if you cannot sit through a 22 minute show without some titillating fan service to keep you drawn in, you are entirely, and unequivocally a faggot.

BTW, do you realize how fucking creepy it when a show creates fan service around under-aged characters? often times the character is only around 14 years old, but I've definitely seen younger.
NGE is shit even without fanservice
I'm not sure watching shinji act like such a complete fucking retard should count as fanservice
it's some kind of fanhatred thats what it is
That scene is not fanservice

it's not there to get you off
it's there to make Shinji look like a insecure teen which is what he is
that's probably why OP's picture is not by any means fanservice.jpg
If you cannot sit through a 22 minute show with some titillating fan service without making an unoriginal and pointless thread, you are entirely, and unequivocally a faggot.
>all fanservice is nudity

too be fair, it is
>still not a pedophile
>Nude mechas

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