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Due to influx of trolls in the last threads a new one is made.


Credits: Ishuhui
Translation: Rio
- Pica can assimilate himself into rock.
- Sabo and Burgess crashed in the center of the ring.
- Sabo takes care of Burgess with single hand and crushes his armour.
- The process of making toys is getting clearer as well as Trebol’s DF ability.
- Cavendish has been turned into a toy.
- Usopp, Robin and Dwarves have reached where Sugar is.
- Leo comes up with a special strategy to take down Sugar.
- S.O.P operation is about to succeed !?

*no spam
*no flame
*no trolls
*no power rankings
*no random devil fruit power site thingy
to your rules
Real spoilers

One Piece 737
Source: 4chan /mlp/
Status: Confirmed

Cover page is entire straw hat crew (minus sanji) crying over something.
>Chapter starts with a flash back to a little kid
>Running towards his parents in a fancy looking place
>They end up getting shot because of debts to some pirates
>Kid crying catches their attention and they turn and ask "were these your parents runt?"
>Chefs bud in and say "sorry that's our floor cleaning runt... GET BACK TO WORK"
>Kid scuttles off still crying
>Flash backs of scenes of Baratie and Zeff and Sanji, also glimpses of the already shown sanji flashback
>Back to the sunnygo, they're flying through the air, middle of a coup de burst
>Shot of tons of fish under sunny/big moms ships of all kinds, amazing selection, all oceans converging on their current location
>It's fucking all blue
>Entire crew (minus sanji) is jaw dropping/crying
>Shot on big moms ship, Tamago and Pekoms are both badly beat up
>Shot of big mom holding Sanji, hes badly injured
>Big mom eats sanji
You act as if this will stop them. try picking a certain time, like at night.
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naruto, one piece, and bleach are my favorite animes and mangas ! does anyone here else play runescape

Jesus Christ, fuck off with your bullshit. you are what's ruining these threads with your moralfaggotry.
Why don't we ignore spammers and shitposters like always?
To all the people who mocked me for saying that Pica didn't have a rock logia: I told you so.
Quick, post Luffys mother

Its just getting worse.
I think we (the original OP people) are. Whoever is raiding us/shitposting are the ones making the new threads.
>expecting big 3 fags to have any coordination and not be massive newfags

Crocodile is Luffy's mom? How?
File: croco d ile.jpg (173.79 KB, 458x600)
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hey /a/, what's her name?
Is there anyone who likes naruto or one piece who isn't 15 years old?

I've heard it's a myth. those people, believe it or not, acknowledge that the story had faults but still kept reading it and even discussed it seriously.
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