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So the Bonus card assignments are in!
thank you blue!

We're now 10 days away, have you got things ready?
Already shipping stuff out?

AC from France , you should've got tracking reference for your parcel.
I haven't gotten my bonus cards yet. But I put a lot of work into the stuff I'm sending out.
I have to finish writing my card to go along with the actual package, finish steaming the first card scarf, and get working on the second one. That one is probably going to be late, so a certain FL anon will get a delayed Valentines day..
I really hope the person who gets my card posts it.
I may have taken the yandere a little too far.
Mexicobro, I have your BD ready to be shipped. Also, why have these threads been dead? I thought people loved to do V/a/lentines.
I think part of it was the smaller numbers of people, and part was the general lateness of the cards. People can't complain about assignments they don't have.
Cory from WI my UPS tracking is telling me you got the package today
I hope you can enjoy it

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