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How does /a/ feel about endings that aren't necessarily bad, but aren't perfect. ie: the guy doesn't get the girl.

pic kinda related
Tragic end>Perfect end>Unfulfilling end>Hiatus
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There's nothing worse than something that had a lot of potential than hiatus. Honestly, I'd rather the author get the axe and end it really quickly than having him lose interest and stopping right before shit goes down.
>not liking tragedies
It's like you don't enjoy feeling the truest emotion.
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yeah, I totally love those
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I'm trying to wrap my head around this but it's just not making sense to me. Is her friend travelling backwards through time? But how does that make sense? In what way are her memories travelling?

I don't know. Can anyone explain?
Rushed ends can be equally as bad if not worse in some cases.
Punpun had a pretty tragic end. Well, the entire manga was tragic.
But the closure!!
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you will probably like this. what you are looking for is the coming-of-age genre (FLCL is there too). on emotional level the most realistic one.
I love the bittersweet/melancholy kind of endings, if it fits the story. It's not something seen all the time and done well, but when it is it leaves a pretty strong feeling.
If you rush an ending most of the time you'll never be able to address all the loose ends. Sometimes they'll only be given 2-3 chapters to rap up a 20-30 + chapter series.
>coming of age
What's wrong with perfect?

Not every work can use it.

It'll just become forced drama eventually and we all know how much /a/ hates that.
you probably wanted to quote me. 90% of gainax anime are coming-of-age. if you dont know that, you didnt understand them.
Could you please elaborate on what you're trying to say exactly?

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