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Battle Shounen edition
>MC is the talented at a RTS known as Spaceart 2
>Eventually he is scouted to go into tournaments in that game gaining friends and teammates along the way
>He eventually gains the power to "blank out" and take the role of one of the units in the game
>He battles until he fights the main tournament in Korea
>people from a city gain the ability to enter another word
>there they have powers that they must use to complete missions given by them each day, week and month
>the winner have his true wish granted
>the powers are based on the wish, even if the players don't realize them
>mc don't know his wish and is fighting for it, he believes he'll discover it by fighting and completing missions
>players that lose the game have all his memories that involve the game erased
>Badass american soldier comes to japan
>"It has been years since I last faced him"
>Cut to him, muscular Kenshiro clone with a face of stone fighting against a japanese male of similar build and appearance
>Kenshiro clone defeats his opponent after a fierce fight
>Young boy who was watching Kenshiro clone begs him to teach him how to become strong, too. Kenshiro clone declines.
>Later the boy sees the american soldier fighting using cunning tactics and seeing that he's strong begs to be trained, to which the soldier agrees.
>Suddenly a big evil guy appears and challenges the soldier to a battle.
>The soldier is defeated and the boy loses faith in him.
>Kenshiro clone appears and defeats the big evil guy
>"Looks like you still haven't got what it takes"
>Soldier reveals that he was holding back his best tricks because he intended to show them to Kenshiro clone first.
>The two duel to a double KO.
>Turns out the big evil guy was just the weakest of the Four Heavenly Kings.
>Turns out that the soldier and Kenshiro clone are actually friends and rivals. They agree to teach the boy in the climax of the beginning.
>The rest of the series is the self-identifiable kid following the two rivals through different kind of tournaments and underground fighting rings, learning to fight on his own along the way.
>The show is about cardgames.
> The Last Sousuke

Noticing the severe lack of quality in the people named Sousuke, the Japanese government decides to place them all on an island to fight to the death. The last one standing is... the Last Sousuke.
Every deity in history is incarnated into a mortal body and there is a tournament to decide which religion is the right one.

Aka SMITE anime.
>crew of alien spaceship finds alien
>alien has strange disease that turns people into zombies
>crew gets infected with alien zombie virus
>rest of the show narrates the history of the universe after the zombie outbreak in documentary fashion
>world becomes better place
Artemis is best girl,

Let's just get that out of the way.
>With Mechs
if the MC's wish is "I wish to know what I would wish for" I'd be pissed.
YHWH confirmed for the OP Gary Stu rival

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