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Can someone explain the plot of School Days to me? I might want to pick it up because it seems like an interesting read, but I just want to know ho it is that this faggot keeps fucking bitches. Is it the same as TLR where all the girls just want his dick because fuck you that's why, or does he actually earn it?

In return, I bear gifts.
Innocent boy harem mc has tons of girls wanting his dick and he fucks them all.
why does everyone hate him then
You don't get it.

Makoto is a real 3D person that found a way into the 2D world.but bitches be crazy and all he got for it was a boat. Now nobody can ever find out how he got there.
Hes attractive, cant remember who but one of the girls mentions that hes is popular among the girls of the school. So after certain events he just starts to fuck one, then happens to fuck another, like that, and cant stop, as expected soon he becomes a lying bitch that doesnt care about any of the girls, he just wants to fuck
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no he doesn't
Nice boat.
It's all in Makoto's head to having a nice boat
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"School Days is the Spec Ops: The Line of harem anime"

That's the best way to sum it up.

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