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Anyone here that ever read I am a Hero? If so, what are your opinions on it? Are you looking forward to more? Personally, I absolutely loved the entire manga, regardless of how much I actually read it
I'm a girl by the way.
All I remember was MC's new girlfriend turned into Wesker
yes, i stopped reading some time ago and don't even remember in what part, i guess it was when they shifted the story to that other group of survivors that had the crazy dude as a member. they were about to rescue some people from a shopping mall or something. it was the most recent chapter back then.

as far as zombie fictions go, it's best work i've ever seen. really engaging with some fantastic art that really matches the theme
i'll get back to it sometime
If you've stopped at the part at the mall and you've really enjoyed it then. You'll absolutely love how it goes on further, I'm literally having goosebumps just writing this because I recall some of the scenes that I read.
Was interested until POV change. After that, I don't know what the fuck's going on.
Didn't the most recently translated volume basically turn into Highlander with zombies?
Sort of
I don't think they gain the other persons knowledge.
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it's not THE shopping mall part, where the main group of characters are held hostage, if that's what you're thinking, it's further into the storyline

here's a pic of the arc i'm talking about

fuck, thanks for reminding me how good this is. i fucking hate reading on-going stuff, though. i can't remember shit and will probably have to restart the whole thing
I think that by now everyone finds out that all the "zombfags" are moving in the same direction, towards a certain point. I have no idea what's going to happen, but it sure caught me by the balls, I can't wait for more!
Did anyone else almost shit their pants viewing this on their large monitor? I have never been jump scared by a manga before this.
Nope, I too completely shit myself since I viewed it on a 52" TV.
Kill yourself.
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Anon, why are you so critical of shitty manga websites? Did they touch you as a child?
>Google images

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