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I guess this is only tangentially related to /a/, but is there any Japanese artists or bands you started listening to on a frequent basis because of an OP or ED? I'm pretty indifferent towards j-pop/rock/whatever, but holy shit do I love Coaltar of the Deepers.


And on a slightly more unrelated note, I'm surprised no studio has used any of Mass of the Fermenting Dreg's works for an OP or ED. You think by now some studio producer would have listened to their stuff and think, holy shit this is goddamn amazing.

I started listening to Ecosystem because of UtaKoi. Also, whoever they choose to do an OP is usually somebody the producers have rights to. That's why we got Roundabout for the ending of JoJo.
Bands no, but I've started listening to remixes from people like Pandaboy or DJ-Yama


Basically anyone who played during the new years Mogra session.
Dunno where else to ask, but does anyone know the song at 1:30 in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRQ5TlPKheE?

I get the feeling it might be the full version of an OP since before that is a ZnT OP, but I have no clue what the name is.
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Kikuchi Naruyoshi. He played sax on some Cowboy Bebop tracks and recently made soundtrack for Mine Fujiko to iu Onna.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Kanako Itou, Diggy-Mo, Nightmare & Uverworld are just a few that come in mind right now...
I started listening to School Food Punishment after [C], they can't make a bad song.


The song they put forward for an OP/ED often tends to be the only one I really like out of the album.
Good-bye crisis
Thank you kind anon

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