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What does /a/ think of one piece?
It's shit.
it's great.
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/a/ completely hates it. You'll never see a thread or post about it. Basically it's on par with naruto
Overrated shit with a vocal circlejerking fanbase.

It's better than the other popular shounenshit but it's still not particularly good.
Manga is good. Has its Highs and lows. Anime is shit.
It's good.
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it's amazing, just takes awhile to get into
It's good, great world building, some really good moments and really easy-happy reading when you only want some adventures.

As any shonen it has some bullshit and can get tedious some times, but overall it's superior to all other and big shounen series that can't even compare.

Worst is the fanbase (as always), that share most of his people with the same obnoxious guys Bleach, Naruto and all the others have. Filling the internet with terrible memes and shit like that, at least here at /a/ their fans are not so terrible so the threads are kinda enjoyable, you can forget about the "Big Three" thing and just talk about it like any other series.
It's either good for a shounenshit or bad because it's a shounenshit

no middle ground
I have a hard time finding other manga better than one piece. Sure there are a lot of good mangas, but for some reason i just go back to it. Maybe is the fact that is still entertaining and is still going on while those others have finished a log time ago.

Opinion disregarded.
Its One Piece of shit. amirite?
I hate the art style, even though I give it credit for being different.

Even so, it does have its moments.
It's like you're trying to fit in.
>Oh no, how could he write in that way, it totally breaks the neckbeard weaboo code!
He's saying it wrong. Which leads me to believe he's new and probably hasn't read much "mangas" or he would know.
As expected of One Piece fans.

Also stop misusing the quote function.
You're also spelling weeaboo wrong.
If you browsed /a/ you'd know.
Seriously why is everyone answering seriously to this fagget
If he wants to troll and get serious answers then he won't try to troll again.

If he wants to troll and you come with SHUP UP FAGGOT WITH YOUR SHIT SERIES, LURK MORE HUUHUH then he will do it again.

Why do you care if people answer something or not?
Nobody said he was trying to troll.
It's just a fucking stupid question that anyone who browsed /a/ for more than a few days would know the answer too.

You should probably lurk more too or preferably go back to your own board.
Yeah, i know he is using it wrong but you still understood what he meant.
Just had a streak of /a/ elitism hate i guess.
There are always thread like this for all kind of series when people finish them and just want to know opinions because they have been avoiding threads before due to spoilers.

Again, you are just mad because you hate shounen or whatever. Just don't come to the thread or toggle it if you don't like it, this thread is as legit as any other.
If you don't tell people they're doing something wrong they will never learn.
If someone doesn't even know basic terminology they shouldn't even be posting.

Elitism is a good thing.
>There are always thread like this for all kind of series when people finish them and just want to know opinions because they have been avoiding threads before due to spoilers.

All of those threads are shitty and pointless too.
Gotta agree with that.
>speaking for /a/
>not knowing anything
>go back to reddit fag

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