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File: 35n3d52.jpg (130.27 KB, 1600x1200)
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>browsing a wiki of an anime you're currently watching
>accidentally see a spoiler

whats her name, /a/?
Fuck off.

If you look at a wiki for an anime you are currently watching (assuming the anime is not currently airing), you should not be surprised if you are spoiler'd.
File: 134001830055.jpg (32.74 KB, 389x261)
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>look up a character from a show you're watching on Google
>"'character name' dies" is the top suggested result
>download both seasons of Clannad
>never watch it because some asshole always posts that one spoiler just as I'm about to get into it.
spikes dies.
shinji jerks off.
goku wins the fight.
Light loses.
The Major turns out to be alive.
Christmas was ruined.
His aunt is the dead one.
Hei's powers come from his sister.

Finish your backlog. Stories where the only value is derived from completion are awful. Why would you look up a character unless you wanted to be spoiled on something about it. etc. etc.

plebeian thread
jojo dies
all of them

What is this disgusting piece of shit in the picture?
>people who read the manga spoiling things for people watching the anime

Why does every fanbase get pleasure from doing this. Some people prefer anime to manga.
>go to google images for a picture for "Character"
>type "Character"
>google suggestsit with a spoiler
File: (-ω-).gif (995.06 KB, 758x720)
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I like giving fake spoilers that sound plausible

It's like doubly surprising when they get to the twist then
Oh jesus those are the worst. Someone told me in FFXIII that Lightning and Serah were the same person and it didn't stop being plausible until like the very end of the game
You're really the worst kind of people and your image proves it.

But Light didn't lose. L died at the end. Also, Nagisa dies.
Before the JoJo anime aired
>I'm not reading that shit, it's fucking gay
After the JoJo anime aired
>JoJo is so awesome and fabulous, right guys?

This is why.

Learn to enjoy Manga. It's not hard.
Because secondaries ruin everything.
Ace is Roger's son
File: ohgodwhy.png (33.35 KB, 300x288)
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Detective Conan

I can't stop myself to knowing the identity of Bourbon and Subaru. Now I regret it for my whole life
File: 1390544940876.jpg (150.49 KB, 460x460)
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>watching Shugo Chara
>pause it
>she's such an elegant lady, i want more pictures of her
>look up pictures of Nadeshiko on Danbooru
>tags: trap
>go back to watching
>Nagihiko is revealed in the very next episode

I don't hate traps but I really needed her to have a vagina.
You missed an important event in your life: officially turning gay.

Blame Google.
File: 1357077198877.png (71.34 KB, 300x300)
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71.34 KB PNG

>caring about spoilers
File: yeah_right.png (956.14 KB, 950x1050)
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T-Thanks, Google!
Coippelion, though it was the manga.
I still haven't reached parts of the manga that were spoiled for me because of the fucking hundred chapter gap in the middle
What got spoiled for you? I'm not going to read the manga anyway.

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