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Anime that are gritty and terrifyingly horror like with a realistic aspect to them...im trying to broaden my collection but im very particular...i havent watched a good anime in years. are they any out like my list below? extra points for zombies but no high school of the dead... that show isnt good for anything outside masturbation.

Attack on Titans
Ghost in the Shell
Dead Space
Shigurui Death Frenzy
Sword art online (the first few episodes before shit got weird)
Gankutsuou The count of Monte Cristo
Naruto Shimpuden (some of it is ok)

oh and please guys try to keep spoilers to a minimum...well for Attack on titan anyhow im on my third episode and loving it.
Eren is a "shifter", which is basically a human who can shapeshift into a Titan.

Pretty much any important character is also a shifter Titan.

The show quickly becomes shit and revolves around people turning into Titans and punching each other.

It is entry level pleb garbage. You do yourself and us a disservice. I don't even care if this is bait. My mouth is motherfucking iron - I will destroy all of the hooks.

When faced with the option of having to shit-talk some sense into a new aspiring anime fan or it possibly being bait and a troll post, I will take that bullet for humanity every time. If I can save even one soul from bad anime, it is my fucking sacred duty.

tl;dr Titan a shit
I think you should watch Aria and relax a bit.

In any case, this thread is in violation of a number of rules, both those explicitly stated on the rules page and those that you'd learn if you'd lurk more.
I ask you therefor to report your own thread so that the moderators can remove it.
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After seeing a post, you don't deserve any recommendations.

>Lack of proper capitalization.
>Lack of apostrophes.

Seeing as you are entry level, I will be kind enough to give you a series that is suitable to your shit taste (with the exceptions of Ghost in the Shell and Mushishi).

You should go watch Boku no Pico. Or Elfen Lied.
Fuck off
You should watch Non Non Biyori
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lol made sure not to read one word of your post.
i dont live here as opposed to some of you who have this image board ego? lol sorry buddy while you were lurking and learning internet rules i was having sex lol not too sure about all those do and donts just looking for some interesting stuff to watch...as i like to draw and what not...you know get the imaginative juices flowing.
awe thanks man thats pretty cool of you...except the grammar nazi part...lol but you cant possibly think im going to write you some 4.0 paper to ask whats good on 4chan lmao my god morning made.

damn man some of you guys have a serious problem...lmao its weird that you care so much

You read it all, and you were mad.

Elsewise you wouldn't know to make a comment like "LOL I DIDN'T READ THAT".
8/10 for execution
thanks ill check it out :) been looking for something good but its been hard...work too much and i feel like ive just lost track of the culture. anime isnt what it use to be when i was 16 lol 25 now
Pico x Coco x Chico is a gripping tale with gritty undertones and probably the best animations that any jap studio has ever made. It's a coming of age story that deals with the struggles of three young boys who are facing despair in the world around them. There's a lot of really emotional parts, but it's amazing what an OVA can accomplish. Nothing is rushed, and there's just enough action to keep anyone interested. Try watching that.
You come here, to our area, and ask us for advice, and when we give you advice contrary to what you want to hear... you insult us?
You should watch Boku no Pico, I'm sure you would love it, go watch it and leave, forever.
You won't be missed.
well i read the part about shifters but to be angry over a spolier on the internet is totally retarded haha besides i kinda already spoiled that part looking for wallpapers they kind of easily give it away...although i was hoping that he wouldn't turn into one...kind of wanted them to defeat the titans with mans technological advancements and spirit
but you didnt give advice you gave ridicule...dont make me bust out the dictionary. i said thank you for the anime advice....lol this may come as a surprise but im not like you hahaha i think its cooler to say thanks and be helpful than shove dicks up my ass and catch attitude with everything that threatens to rune your sheltered world...which i apologize if im disrupting but shesh bro its 4chan go outside
ruin...my bad been playing d2 lately....
dat CTA
Soo you just want no moe-shit?

Try Psycho-pass.
Your spelling is so atrocious, you are either trolling or a level of retard I only see on /b/.
Also, you shouldn't just assume that everybody on the internet who doesn't like you is fat or socially inept, do you know what they say about assumptions?
>Giving legit answers
Sasuga, faggots.
thanks man i was checking out that boko lol it was kind of funny what those other guys did there...but i also thought it was extremely disturbing that they knew what it was to suggest
Boku no Piko
nope i have no idea but id assume people with discomforts in their life would behave poorly... also my spelling is on point i mean even if i didnt work at a library lol my browser spell checks...im sure every ones does....but here is a pretty cool question that will work your noodle...what kind of person hates someone they have never met before? lol but im sure you know what they say about that ;)
man this looks cool. thanks for not joining in....obviously some people care about sharing good creations like the maker intended more than others
Nice dubs!
File: 1.jpg (7.74 KB, 234x216)
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7.74 KB JPG

got so caught up in looking for good animals i almost let that one go
> tfw you fail by 8 digits
no one ever fails at checkin em....you just do a little better everytime
File: 1.jpg (178.57 KB, 1920x1080)
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178.57 KB JPG
SooOOOoooo anyone else got any nice suggestions or are we just turning this into a Pic thread until we get some answers
I suggest you kill your self.
i suggest you get a girlfriend and change that type of attitude. otherwise you maybe be typing on that keyboard instead of a vagina for a loooonnnngggg time
fucken hate auto correct
le reeddit must have a subforum suitable with you and you're shitty defensive ego.
Also kill you're self or never come back
>typing on a vagina

File: 1358040337293.jpg (497.13 KB, 1198x1000)
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I'll throw you a bone, enjoy.
actually im more of a /fit/izen. never been to red in my life. you made at my ego? you jelly? lol "you're" you are.... also kill you are self and never come back...lmao nah im just joshing ya bro i got what you meant and no thanks i like living.

shieeeet mah nog you know we be holdin it down

thank you good sir but is your favorite on the list? if its not id like to know what it is. discussing what people like shouldn't be taboo no matter how many 4chan elitist throw dat neck beard around
actually a lot of those ive seen and it scares me.. lol gundam seed on the same page with inuyasha?
then beyblade is in there as well...bro....bro youre scaring me
reiner is the armored titan

bertholdt is the colossoal titan
I recommend 出て行け、くず。

10/10 would watch a second time.
are you telling me to leave and calling me waste?
File: 1391206698466.gif (528.84 KB, 625x626)
528.84 KB
528.84 KB GIF
All these fish biting.
It's actually kind of entertaining.
actually just because i dont spend every waking hour on 4chan or looking up anime doesnt mean that im a troll...and it doesn't make people victims for helping me out. lmao the fact that you and others believe this gives me faith in capitalism you are indeed sheeple
the idea where people are so full of themselves that asking what kind of anime they like and trying to broaden my own horizon has become this giant troll battle lol its rediculor brah. damn i bet you guys dont like schools either how dare they share information...you probably hate the internet too deep down...fucken trolls creating image boards to ask question wtf was moot thinking hahaha you guys and your little world
Might as well ask in this thread.
I just watched the two seasons of GitS, and I am now going to download the films.
I just noticed there are two versions of the first film, the newest being called "2.0".
Should I grab the old or the new one?
I know people are saying Space Dandy is good, but you should check out Bert is the Colossal Titan
File: 1380300832025.jpg (198.08 KB, 764x1080)
198.08 KB
198.08 KB JPG
Thanks man! I'll be sure to check it out.
jokes on you bro i watch spoilers way before i ever see movies shows whatever...how else would i know if they suck? lol thanks though i forgot about space dandy.

2.0 is a remastered version of the original the sound is better its smoother etc etc i own a copy. and of course its great... you should definitely pick it up no questions asked you should only get the original if youre collecting for the hell of it...their the same movie
lol nerds man their always trying to get ya hahaha i have sex with women guys...internet tricks are just that...tricks on the internet ;) hahahaha
File: Angelorock.jpg (44.91 KB, 333x440)
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44.91 KB JPG
>gritty and terrifyingly horror like
>Nurutu and SAO
u wot m8
my bad i should of been more clear when i saw shimpuden i only seen the episode when gara got it on with the clay man i thought it was more grity...but really i was just implying gits AoT Mushishi and things of that nature i sometimes generalize because of the lack of knowledge on the subject this isnt 2003 anymore lol i dont have too many name drops
Fuck it ill bite. These aren't "gritty horror with realism" these are just good shows and ok shows that you should watch if you've only watched what's on your list.

Eva so you can make "what did I just watch" threads
Try a few episodes of bakemonogatari if thats your thing
And read berserk

Eren is a titan.
Marco dies.
Annie is the female titan.
Levi's entire squad is killed.
File: 1389333069765.jpg (162.44 KB, 960x960)
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>I want mature anime for mature people

>watches Naruto Shippuden

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