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/a/, why is it exactly that the best girl ALWAYS loses?
Interesting choice anon. She sure was fun.
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There are a few exceptions.
Because your taste in anime and girls sucks.
I remember loving her voice
>unfaithful bitch
>best girl anything

It's because they lose that they are the best girl. Losing allows them to be defined in ways other than "the love interest." It's practically a literary tradition.

In fact it IS a literary tradition. Just look at Les Miserables. Eponine's tragedy is a key part of what makes her memorable, whereas nobody gives a shit about Cosette.

Kaguya's the best girl partly because she's also the harem option.
Something to do with the Earth's magnetic field I think.

Actual reason is because the best girl is often the underdog so it's easier to sympathize with her. There's a stink of traditionalism in anime, the safe option is usually first choice to be as inoffensive as possible. At least that's how I see it.
Kaguya's not unfaithful though, the BK's just lied to her and the Chinese, and then Lelouch himself is tricking everyone.
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She faithfully fell for Lelouch's plan.
>Geass and Les Mis in the same thread
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I like to imagine that you've been waiting for this moment for years now.
I say this every week but

I miss Code Geass
File: Guren Nishiki3.jpg (28.89 KB, 400x400)
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But that is not Guren Nishiki.

Best girl won with Lancelot in the end.
Because best girl must remain pure in our imagination, untouched by filthy MC's.

Suzaku as Marius and Lloyd/Cecile is pretty fucking funny though.

Also that's a really great Enjolras, who is it?
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op's a fag
I have no idea because I've never seen any stage performance outside a few YT videos, my only experience with Les Mis outside the book is the 2012 movie
Both of the best Geass girls got a kiss at least.
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But the best girl did win.
How is hew ass going through the skirt?
People talk more when best girl loses. They talk alot. It festers and stays in their minds, captivating them. They can't let it go. Like the little red spot on a white cloth, like one pencil askew, like a two in a series of ones and zeroes. It's mind control.

Good news never gets talked about for very long.

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