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Arpeggio of Blue Steel thread
Manga chapter 53

Anime director and screenplay Interview
So they promise if there's season 2,Yamato,Musashi(+scarlet fleet?) and Missouri will show up
Oh and they wanna change some characters hair style



Maybe they'll feel like animating it for real without ugly 3D characters this time now they've seen it sells.

Jesus Christ what the fuck
The reaction will be epic if they actual do it
This is really funny.
>We won't do this scene, it's final.
>But director, we already have those chains modelled!
>Just use them for something else then.
"Arpeggio" sounds incredibly lewd to me, because I keep reading "Arpreggio".

What does it mean anyways?
Wait, what. The Musashi will have Yamato in chain?
Going complete original story would be the best for S2.
Well it deviate so much frm the manga that going original is the only choice now.

At least that was their original plan it seems.

From what I can read:

>They weren't able to change the hairstyles for the first season, they'll try it in the 2nd season if it can happen
>The original (for the first season I guess?) plan was to make Musashi the final boss with her bringing Yamato in Chains
>The climax where 401 pushed herself through a bullet hell was a homage to Darius or Ikaruga

>(Probably Seiji Kishi's comment)... I want to do Sunred 3 too



Looking at this particular point it seems they might have to resort to an original story.
How about no
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A little something missing from Crunchy's chapter.

402: What's that?
Haruna: It's New Years, so I got all this.
400: Ooh~
Haruna: You two observe humans a lot, so you should know about it. Tell me, please.
402: Of course we do, you may leave it to us.
Haruna: First, about this...
402: This is called http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kadomatsu.
Haruna: Kadomatsu... What a strange form.
402: It is said, that it was created as a memento of an old story about a certain father who wanted to teach his sons that one bamboo spear, an ancient weapon, is weak, but 3 of them bundled together are powerful, so they should help each other.
400: (shocked)...
Haruna: It's a good story. And this?
402: This is a kite (tako).
Haruna: Taco?
402: An old manoeuvre tool, used by ninjas. It is said, that long ago during New Year holidays everybody would gather and profoundly study how to fly them.
Haruna: So, it flies... Even though it's rectangular. And what are those, hanging from sides and from below?
402: Stabilizers
Haruna: Oh!
400: That's right, but...
Haruna: And this?
402: Gratitude (some ritual stuff, probably).
Haruna: Gratitude?
402: A defensive system, told to repel bad luck just by carrying it around.
Haruna: Is that.. so... And this?
402: A hamaya (http://eos.kokugakuin.ac.jp/modules/xwords/entry.php?entryID=325). An offensive system, used to intercept demons, bringing bad luck.
Haruna: Humans even have such devices...
400: ...
Haruna: And, lastly, this?
402: A multi-layered box. There is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osechi inside it. Let's open.
Haruna: Right. I'm opening. Here!
402: (excited)
Haruna: (excited)
400: ...
Maya: Maya'll eat, too! (excited)
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cute. but i want a kongou

luddite, please, go back to weaving your fabrics by hand while I watch my ship porn.
Why are you linking to CR?

Did I accidentally wind up in bizarro-\a\?

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