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Why was Anohana so laughably horrible?

Menma can visible yet can move stuff, boohoo when she and protag think they can't convince others she's real.
She commits suicide for stupid reasons.
Her suicide made everybody a sobbing mental case.
Sobfest at the end.
Series can't into logic, yet muh emotions.

I did get a good laugh out of it in the last ep when it became bawlfest, but man, what a wast of time, effort, money and feels.
Watch Nagi no Asukara, it's a superior AnoHana.
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>Menma can visible
Meant to say "Menma can only visible to protag,"
The only good part when they caught Yukiatsu dressed as a little girl running through forest.
You ought to go back to >>>/v/ dude. It's five years too early for you to post here.
You haven't watched Anohana.

>Nagi no Asukara
Is it comparable to Fantastic Children in its impact.
Cause Fantastic Children is (melo)drama at its finest.

That was pretty hilarious.
How does it feel to be an unfeeling monster?
Let me guess, religion's for idiots too?
Or watch a good show not written by a talentless retard. There are actual good anime screenwriters out there, you don't have to watch an Okada shitfest.
Indeed, it has more QUALITY than AnoHana.
>She commits suicide

File: fuck you.jpg (7.34 KB, 480x360)
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7.34 KB JPG
Why are edgy euphoric nerds starting to make threads now? Nobody cares if you didn't like a show that aired years ago.
File: Ano_Banri.jpg (24.55 KB, 640x360)
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24.55 KB JPG
>Thinking unpopular opinion means /v/ermin...
You're just an uncivilized /a/pe on /a/.

Your tears are delicious.

Suicide by accident.
I don't know anymore, probably forgotten because my brain tries to protect me from badly written shows.
File: Spoiler Image (22.14 KB, 400x300)
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>Thinking unpopular opinion means /v/ermin.
No, I think using words like:
>muh emotions
>can't into
makes you either a retard from >>>/v/ or >>>/b/ , and if you, by any chance, don't browse those boards, you're still too fucking new to post.
File: 48zoBM51s7ppnso1_400.gif (830.64 KB, 375x211)
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830.64 KB GIF
>No, I think using words like: ...
>makes you either a retard from >>>/v/ or >>>/b/
Seen those words being used on /a/ often enough, it seems you're the under@geb@n here.
/v/ doesn't interest me and /b/ just isn't /a/ and full of retards.
And even /s4s/ is a wee bit to stupid and off-topic as well.

>and if you, by any chance, don't browse those boards, you're still too fucking new to post.
Still thinking in only two options, oh my, what a retard you are, go back to tumblr.
File: yablewit.png (619.37 KB, 1024x576)
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619.37 KB PNG
File: 1384767105830.jpg (82.97 KB, 686x481)
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Anohana was poorly written dreck.
But the last ep did make up for it, so hilariously funny their bawling was.
Then why would you watch it?
This post is absolutely euphoric.
Can you right without using buzzwords and generic phrases? You know, articulate yourself properly?
>"They were crying, lol xD"

>the show clearly advertises with dealing with death, the pain and trouble that follows with it. Saying goodbye, and entering their "drama-filled" teenage years.

Why on earth would you watch a show that is CLEARLY advertising that, and still say;
>" They are cryin xD I am Kira #2, and laugh at tears xD
>This show sucks because they are crying when they say goodbye xD"

Then you have forced yourself to watch something you, by default, don't like. That's just retarded.

>telling someone to go back to tumblr
Are fujoshits that bored there's nothing for them to watch? Truly a sad sight.
And before you intentionally break >>>/global/rules/3/ again, please give a proper response to >>101510195 and >>101510297 . I challenge you.
It's pretty clear you're a retard, but this proves beyond any doubt that you are beyond helping. She was affected by what she had just heard, ran away, didn't pay attention between the tears and her confusing feelings, and fell to the river.
I guess that, if by what you saw, you think first of suicide instead of this, then this series was clearly not for you. Start by growing up a little.
Of course he can't have you seen his other posts?
File: Ano-Banri.jpg (68.91 KB, 640x360)
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68.91 KB JPG
Because of the hype, because I went in expecting an anime that would at least be good.
All those praising reviews, etc.
Then to find out it just a turd.

No can do, you can't rite wright as well.
You suck, I win!
Oh, but the intelligent, calm OP responded to the suicide part further up in the thread. It's clearly his brain protecting
him from bad writing (xD) >>101508327 .
>the hype
What hype?
All the reviews state that it's a story about death, and saying goodbye. If you watched some humbug reviewers, I suggest you find yourself more experienced reviwers.
>Because of the hype, because I went in expecting an anime that would at least be good.
>All those praising reviews, etc.
>Then to find out it just a turd.
I'm gonna challenge you. You talked about suicide (which you were wrong about). The other reasons you didn't like it was because they didn't think about proving Memma through moving things (I can kinda agree on this one, but it was clearly not something that would make me dislike the series), and because the characters are emotionally unstable (something completely understandable in that situation, but whatever)... so, here's my challenge: could you explain more clearly why you didn't like it, and therefore, manage to bring an actual discussion to this thread? Because so far, it seems to me that you're only trying to piss off people.
File: 1384302169233.gif (492.17 KB, 460x345)
492.17 KB
492.17 KB GIF
No problem with dealing with those themes and good shows can be built upon those themes if those themes are handled well and mature.
Shows like Fantastic Children, Full Metal Alchemist and FMA Brotherhood, Grave of the Fireflies, Legend of Galactic Heroes,.
It's just that anime that handle these issues often tend to be over-emotional turds where characters bawl their eyes dry and logic gets thrown out of the window.

>Thinking the delicious tears Free! image is only used by fujoshits...
Come, /a/non, use your brain for once, or has all that and animu rotted your brain beyond help?
If you had saved it from /a/, it wouldn't have a filename from tumblr. Besides, why would anyone but a fujoshit use a free image? Disgusting.
Kill yourself immediately.
>Because so far, it seems to me that you're only trying to piss off people.
If you haven't reported OP's sad attempt at "trolling" yet you probably should get to it.
The hype that it is a good series, that hype I mean.

Well, that they all still suffer from that fateful day in such a hyperbolic manner.
Come on, I can understand one, two or three of them, but all of them?
It was at least 10 years later, some of them should have moved on.

Then the whole Menma wish nonsense.
I've seen similar stuff in anime about a wish needing to be fulfilled before a ghost could move on, but this was just dumb.
The memory loss was just a plot device to stretch out the series.

That's another thing, 11 episodes was just too long for the story.
The series could have been a solid 6 episodes long and done everything better, shorter and more impacting.

Then the unnecessary over the top emotionality and crying.
Yes, I understand sometimes people need to cry in emotional situations, but more often than not, people keep it to themselves and I am of the opinion that a sad yet solemn look has more impact than crying a river.

Maybe that is what you people like, but for me it was just off-putting about this series.
The last ep. became hilarious because the crying and sobbing and the emotions became that over the top, that in my opinion the series jumped the melodrama shark here.
File: 1360165226360.gif (826.82 KB, 500x281)
826.82 KB
826.82 KB GIF
That episode was fucked up beyond belief, Who even thinks like that.

The last episode was sad as fuck man ;_; I thought the show overall was pretty good and the OP and ED were 10/10.
First thing I notice about your reply is that all the series you have listed are fantasy/sci-fi. If you are talking about Hughe's death in FMA, and how it was handeled (which you think is good) I am inclined to disagree. Cunt-child was crying, and being REAALLY out of character with the naïvité "Why are they buryin Papa, he still has work to do" was plain unessecary. You must also remember that these are kids, losing another kid. Perhaps not "sol drama" is down your alley?
Well, Hughe's death might be handled a bit too emotionally.

Maybe fantasy/sci-fi shows handle death and mourning better than SoL...
Perhaps it could be because Anohana is actually shit, but the people who love it don't see it and don't care other than the emotional rollercoaster of sadness...

Just because the majority likes/appreciates something doesn't mean it's automatically good.
Or would you say Naruto is good, or episodes 1 to 3 of Star Wars or the Transformers movies by Michael Bay?
She didnt suicide nigga, it was an accident
Angel Beats did give me feels and some tears, even though it wasn't really good.
Yes, also over the top melodrama, but at least it was somewhat entertaining and not as melodrama centric as Anohana.
It's because Mari Okada is a shit scriptwriter. Everything she does has the exact same problems.
>suicide by accident
>by accident

for shit's sake, I know that there were some parts of anohana that were stupid, but you're on another entirely different level of retard now aren't you?
>Mari Okada
It seems every anime she writes a script for is at best mediocre...

Suicide by accident, it has a certain ring to it.
You watch it for Yukiatsu.

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