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Let's say that by the end of the season, Satsuki-sama is witnessing her mother literally destroying Ryuko. Ryuko is on the edge of death while Ragyo is still giving it all she's got in order to kill her. Satsuki-sama realizes her mother's lost her way and right when Ragyo delivers the finishing blow, Satsuki-sama sacrifices herself for Ryuko, taking it straight into the heart. Quick shot of her mother's surprised reaction followed by Ryuko's barely opened eyes seeing everything. The next shot shows a Satsuki-sama covered in blood and not moving laying on top of Ryuko's lap. Everything that happens next is irrelevant, Satsuki-sama is dead 100%.

What would your reaction be ? Could you move on ?
Just when I thought that we need another Slutsuki-chan thread. Nice job OP.
>What if a cartoon character was kill la dead, could you move on?
I'm starting to seriously doubt that Satsuki will betray Ragyo at all. Maybe she will do so at the very end, like you say, but for now she did not show any kind of doubt. And Kill la kill as show is not subtle at all.

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