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Poor Keiji. Joins the army because his crush gets married to another guy. Falls in love again and manages to sleep with her literally and then the bitch dies and he's still a virgin in the ending.
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check this 5
Since I got doubles at least, will you tell me what manga this is, since I'm so lazy
The hell is wrong with you.

At least he got a cool nickname out of that.
Boku no Kill_____

Try the google image search.
Edge of tomorrow
I didn't get the whole server/antenna thing. So he's going through what she went through except for some reason she's still a part of the group by being an 'antenna' and to stop this entire thing everything needs to be killed before the server, right? Man I have no idea how the last battle went, they killed some shit, then themselves, then back to killing shit? wot

Also the metaphors comparing his mind to OS along with calling the Mimics servers were getting really old and terrible by the end, did the author think people would be able to relate to it?
>Number hand
When did AYNIK get a manga adaption? Is it worth reading?
Nah not really, it's a bit rushed and while the art is good quality the characters look incredibly generic.
Nothing of value was lost, the LN itself didn't seem all that swell when I read it, considering how it's generally held in high regard alongside other light novels.
Atleast you're Tom Cruise

And you're on Rustle's work.
When not encased in her Jacket, the Bitch wore a shy smile that suited her well.

I don’t know which flags I’d set or how, but on that 160th loop my relationship with Rita deepened as it never had before.

“You certainly slept well last night.” Rita stood over me, having walked in from the other room.

Yeah, nah, they fucked for sure.

After the cycles, having a comrade is helping.
Why did whathisface experience the girl's cycle, where she asks him about green tea, but she doesn't experience his cycles?
That was the time that he killed the server, right? If that means it was his cycle, then why did she experience that one but no others?

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