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What story arcs made you feel like you could re-read/watch them all the way through again immediately after finishing?

I just burned through the entire Retribution arc (religious one with the huge tower and flat-faced antagonist) in Berserk in the past 6 hours, and I could honest to God to it again right now.

It hardly even focused on Guts; Miura scrapped together like 8 other completely new characters that ran one of if not THE best arcs in the series.
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All of Berserk is re-readable but Retribution arc is up there with golden age where every so so often I have to read it again.
Retribution arc is the best arc

people always pick the Golden arc as their favourite and I also thought that it couldn't be bested, but when I first read it I thought it would be another lost children arc

but then shit got crazy (a lot of terminology and things I say might be wrong because it's been forever since I last read berserk) there was the egg, and there was that scared prostitute who seemed like she would betray everyone anytime (which made this arc intense since as a reader we already knew what would happen)

if golden arc was like a fizzy bottle that blows up when you open it, retribution arc was like a fizzy bottle that you shake, open but instead of blowing up it changes color... and then explodes
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the 'leader' of the prostitution circle was the most kind and selfless character in the entire series. Really great stuff from her in all her appearances. More than anyone I wish she would be brought back in some way, but it wouldn't be appropriate.

The crazy girl had me really confused over how to feel about her, but after more of her character was revealed I ended up feeling sorry for her. She had a pretty fucked up life and the plague to boot.

I never made it past the Schierke introduction arc (re-reading right now and plan to go all the way), but I can't imagine a better arc than the Retribution arc. So many new and unique characters, I didn't even care that Guts was hardly even part of it. Seriously well done.

Also, if you want to start the arc from the start, it's right here
I'd say what comes next is as good, but man Miura made clear with the later arcs that Berserk was far from finished. ;_;
Leader whore is best girl
I hate Golden Arc because it's so awesome and everyone is so happy and I know with every passing chapter I'm getting closer to suffering and then the eclipse happens and it rips my heart out every time.

I REALLY wish Miura would fucking continue Berserk. I need some kind of closure between Griffith and Guts.
I thought I was the only one who preferred the Retribution arc to Golden Age? Looks like i'm not alone.

Anyway I vouch the arc in Kaiji where they have to walk on the steel boards. Probably my favourite arc out of all of Kaiji.

Roughly what percentage would you say Berserk is complete?
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I definitely feel you, especially since I still like both Griffith and Guts a lot. I want to know for sure whether or not he's the same old Griffith who plans to be a benevolent leader, or if Miura will just turn him into a typical villain. But it's going to take like 10 years to find out. My heart can't take it.
well apparently he worked the last year on that one shot gigantomania or whatever it's called, it's being published right now, like 4 chapters are out (of 6 I think), and I've heard he'll go back to berserk afterwards (hopefully).

if he used that one-shot to take a break of berserk and will go fully motivated back to drawing berserk, then I'm fine with that.
I think Miura said somewhere it's around 70% complete, but I'd say 60%.
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retribution was fantastic and the second best arc in berserk, but it can't beat the eclipse in my opinion. watching the train go off the rails was perfect.

another arc that I would love to rewatch is the soul society arc in bleach. the whole thing is engrossing, and figuring out that aizen was keikaku the whole time is a great reveal
a Lot of One piece arcs, there are a lot of little things you don't notice or care in the first read because you are too focused in the main event. Especially the Marineford arc, is full of characters and unique abilities.
We're talking about Berserk-tier arcs, go home kid.

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