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Why do people like this show?
I gave it the 3 episode treatment, then I gave it three more, and I was still not entertained at all. Why do people like this show? I'm genuinely asking this, not just to get luckyfags mad.
skip the first 10 episodes. start watching from ep 11. it gets much better.

inb4 chocolate cornets
It took ten episodes to get good?
I also hear episode 22 is depressing.
People like it because the girls are cute and their interactions are funny. Some people will say "references" but the references aren't funny or clever. They are just references. The character interactions are funnier than the references. If you don't like the characters by now, you probably won't like the anime.
I enjoy the characters and their conversations.
I like the satire of Otaku and everyday culture.
I like the cute girls.
I find many of the scenes and jokes humorous.
I enjoy the interaction between Konata and Kagami.
In short, it's a funny 4koma that got me into the slice of life scene after Azumanga Daioh.
If you're not digging it by episode 6, with most series it's probably time to give it a rest... but Lucky Star is also famous for getting progressively better the more episodes into it you get.
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>I gave it the 3 episode treatment
Well there's your problem faggot
It was a good healing after kamina's death and lovely complex.
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watch it when you're sad and it will cheer you up
its a cute little journey, and its certainly enjoyable, but people put all sorts of things on golden pedestals that don't need to be on them.
I like it because it's good.

Have you considered that it might not be your cup of tea? Personally I just think it's a glorified Haruhi commercial, but I don't mind people enjoying things I don't.
It's relatable humor and the girls are cute. It's not actually all that great by objective standards but if you find yourself thinking "oh yeah haha I've done that before too" it can be entertaining at least.

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