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Fuck this bitch. This show was looking great, and now Slut-fuck McWhore shows up with a voice that makes my ears bleed, speaking the shittiest Osakaben ever.
She has a penis, anon.

Thank God, otherwise this would have ruined the entire show.
Wow what a coinkydink
I was just about to start watching this show too, heh
Is it funny by the way?

It's cute as hell so far, but the accent is starting to grate on me.

I was told it was good, and after seeing the first few episodes I still have very high hopes for it.

I'll be honest: much of my interest is because the translation is really old. They do a lot of interesting things in the sub that I'm using.
>grate on you

Surely you mean it's great.
Kansaiben >
How To Take Screenshots, Starring OP

Anon wasn't lying to me

I fucking love Kansaiben so I loved this show. Probably my favourite romantic anime, greatest chemistry between the two leads bar none.

A shame the seiyuu doing the MC never had any rooles since though.

>not using puush
>not using hotkeys
The guy is pretty dense and annoying.
I thought it got better in the second half when they actually start dating. The Kansai dialect is what got me watching in the first place.

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