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If Hinata was given more story direction in Naruto, what would have been done differently in the plot?
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>Naruto would've been the same
>Hinata could've been his best friend, admiring his strength and courage
>Eventually they become equals, going out on missions and defeating enemies while slowly growing closer
>Naruto gets kidnapped so they can take out his Fox thing
>Hinata goes to the rescue

This already sounds better.
It's a god damn travesty that a top tier girl like Hinata is stuck in fucking Naruto.
Just making the hyuga clan relevant in a non-powerlevel way instead of the uchihas and their asspullgan would be enough.
You know Slut Hinata from that alternate universe movie? That would have become the regular thing.
I miss when Hyuga eyes were supposed to be the Uchiha rival but then for some reason it suddenly switched to wood magic man and Hyugas became human binoculars
The amount of times it's been mentioned they can see through Uchiha hallucination magic, you'd think Kishi might have put in some effort to involve them in the current plot. But nope.
> a woman being relevant
> in naruto

You either make her clan as relevant as the uchihas/senju or just nothing.

To make things "differently" in the plot we would first rebuild naruto just before Shippuden starts
Who gives a shit? She's not even the least bit interesting. Her defining character traits are that she's shy and that she inexplicably loves Naruto. Wow, what a compelling character. Oh, and she grows up to be stacked, which apparently makes her different from every other shy, big boobed girl with a hime cut.
How about Naruto's fox thing wanting to fondle Hinata's breasts?
>top tier
Compared to who? Other Naruto girls? talk about setting the bar low.
>To make things "differently" in the plot we would first rebuild naruto
Fixed. Remove Uchiha entirely, or have Sasuke die in his fight against Haku like he should have. Bam. Sasuke has a lasting impact on Naruto as he was supposed to, and now there's no homoerotic obsession boggarting Naruto's character development. He's free to actually pursue interests in other people, maybe even girls! Wow, it's almost like Sasuke is this dead albatross hanging around the neck of the manga that everybody but Kishimoto can see.
So basically the fox is Naruto's latent heterosexual libido that he represses so he can maintain his gay obsession with Sasuke. Makes sense.
What would Hinata even do? She couldn't last 10 seconds against Nagto and only just now did she learn something that Neji could do when he was fresh out of the academy.
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If Hinata was just on Naruto's squad from the beginning, the entire series would have been enjoyable.
>and only just now did she learn something that Neji could do when he was fresh out of the academy
Yeah, but who's got the last laugh now he's dead?
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>if the secondary characters had been given more of a focus in Naruto, what would have changed

Then it would have been Hajime no Ippo. In other words, a good shonen.
File: hajime_no_ippo.jpg (76.96 KB, 600x480)
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It is a good shounen, and one of the best sports anime of all time.
Naruto wouldn't be such a faggot for Sasuke and a retard who likes shit faced sakura. Maybe he would have had a thing with hinata already. But who knows.
Does anyone here think naruto would have been good if it was more slice of live than it was edgy?

It has more interesting characters than a lot of other shows. They're all just stuck in a bad plot.
Now that I think about it the setting was a lot more modern than you would have expected.

That could have been entertaining in between missions back WHEN THERE FUCKING WERE ANY

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