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What /a/ thinks about Rahxephon?
It wasn't really that good. Nice soundtrack though.
Misato won
>Too many characters
>didn't explain enough before forcing in drama with every character at the end
>sacrifices good story telling for vagueness to look deep, and smart
>shit fights (mech appears
>Rahxephon comes out
>mech sings at Rahxephon
>Rahxephon one shots it)
I wasn't a fan
I've already watched evangelion twice I don't need to watch it again
It was painfully obvious that it was an NGE rip off. The first few episodes were pretty good though.
I want to fuck Quon. That fucking minx she was asking for hot dickings.
It was Evangelion done right before Rebuild (1&2)
I think rip-off is too light a descriptor of just how identical huge chunks were.

Hey, I've seen this fight before!

Still liked it
It's actually completely different than Evangelion.

It becomes more similar to Escaflowne because of the time travel and alternate world.

It's actually better than Evangelion.

It's sadly inferior to Escaflowne but still has some amazing memorable moments such as "Goodbye".

Escaflowne is better than Evangelion.
Eva done right.
This phrase irritates the fuck out of me.
Great soundtrack, and for me it did the reluctant pilot better than Eva did, if only because at some point he accepted what he had to do while Shinji just let himself be dragged along for most of it.
Ending could have been better, I liked most of the mechs and the cast was diverse for the time. The movie can eat a dick, as all summary movies with a new scene or two can.
It went 2deep but I still love it. Bones will probably remain my favourite studio as long as they'll keep making artsty mechas.
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Better than Evangelion.

I have never been more confused on how best girl won.
Childhood friend. Plus first girl rule.
I really liked the opening song
Poor world building.

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