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My girlfriend is trying to remember her first anime, can you guys help? She says this is the plot to a movie based off of an anime. She says the character she had a figure of wore a red or blue floral kimono and was associated with a broom

So this guy finds old footage and he's watching it with his friends. The footage has his mom (the girl in the kimono I think) and him when he was a baby and he got sad because she died so then his friend who is a genius inventor creates a time machine so they all go back in time and find her and shit goes down and they have to save her life because she's about to get killed. In the end she's hella badass and saves everyone and beats the bad guy. The genuis guy puts a sticker thing on her forehead so that she doesn't forget the events that happened and the group travel back to the present without the mom
(pic not related)

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