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You thought this show was a Train wreck.

It was a beautiful lie.

Inb4 King torture was the only villian not made by the goverment
Inb4 Samumenco pairs up with Akira, who turns out to be the only living partner of king torture (reason king torture let him go)
I dropped this show around when the super sentai team showed up. Did something not nonsensical happen?
File: 53817.jpg (55.75 KB, 225x321)
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>Train wreck

I'm not sure why Samurai Flamenco keeps getting called this, it's not like it's Valvrave, it's just a show where the stakes are constantly being raised.

And considering how the show was advertised, people really shouldn't have been surprised there would be a twist
It has to crash before being called a trainwreck. In SF's case it didn't crash, it just went flying into the atmosphere.
Now they have american superhero, he uses egghand tacles, talks in engrish and hums american hymn. Also, now it attempts to become watchmen, Goto and idols are still irrelevant.
I'm just excited for the flamengers to be over and Samumenco to be back. That arc was pretty bad but I'm excited for this one.
From beyond weren't bad guys. Monsters all over the world for decades have been created by goverments for super heros to fight in order to distract the masses. They framed the flamengers into being the ones behind From beyond and are hunting them down. Only Samumenco is still on the run. And the prime minister pulled a "NANOMACHINES SON" on flamenger blue and punched him into a crater.
File: Spoiler Image (63.10 KB, 1280x720)
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[spoile] And all the hero's from tv shows are real. They've been fighting to teach viewers the meaning of being a hero[/spoiler:lit]
Is calling everything a trainwreck the new epic meme?
What i love about samurai flamenco is how there's always been this one big point. One of the biggest, if not the biggest points of subtext in this series has been media consumption and it's effects on people. Since episode one it has been one of the undercurrent themes. Celebrity, mass consumption, tv shows, fiction, idols, models and media. Hell even the adverts for From beyond made no sense.

Everything just came full circle. In the most beautiful way possible.
> Now they have american superhero, he uses egghand tacles, talks in engrish and hums american hymn
Ooh... I kind of want to see this.

There were monsters before King Torture? The fuck? Why didn't anyone mention it.

So... the show is still bonkers. Got it.
The Monsters were the ones on the tv shows. People would just act like they were fictional.
I don't understand why they keep calling this a train wreck. It's one of the most refreshing shows I've seen lately.
>not liking Samurai Flamenco

What the fuck is wrong with you? Is there no joy in your soul?

>still watching Full Retard: The Show

should've dropped it when the gorilla showed up
>watching QUALITY hipster trainwrecks

I don't think you know what that means.
File: 1391356195978.png (1.13 MB, 482x1900)
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1.13 MB PNG
>Samflam on the run
>Mizuki and Moe help him out
>Moe tries to inspire Mari into being a hero again
>Mizuki and Masayoshi become closer

I just want her to be relevant, /a/ ;_;
Because it's a mess. An enjoyable mess, certainly, but still completely bananas.

It wouldn't have been considered a train wreck if it had started out that way, but they went for a realistic depiction that created far different expectations of a series than any promotional material. It went from a relatively straight-shooting show to being an audacious love letter to toku. Not only that, but the shift was so dramatic and sudden that virtually everyone was baffled by it. You can still get a rise out of people by mentioning Guacamole Gibbon.

And then it did it twice more.

It's fun, it's stupid, it's even brilliant at times. But that doesn't stop it being a complete disaster.
Still better than KLK where the protagonist has been fighting the same 5 bad guys for over a dozen episodes.
i had a good feeling the first time i saw her.
speaking with the kansai accent is a plus for her

Government trying to get all vigilantes + the public knows Mari was Flamenco Girl (and has probably figured out the rest) probably means they might be relevant for the next few episodes
so what happened with this show? did they just completely shift genre half way through? i heard the real-life theme didn't go well with japs
why is main idol raging at the other idols? last i remember they all got kidnapped by king torture then faded into obscurity then for some reason ended up in sugitacop's cupboard. i dont understand why she's angry at idol 2 and 3 though
Consider the following:
-Mari was a stuck up bitch. In her world, she thought she was the best. even the great samumenco was nothing but a sidekick to her. Enter king torture. He completely broke her spirit. She used to see moe as someone below her. She was just..moe. Now? She knows moe is a great person, and more than she could ever hope to be. She realized all those years of her life, the way she was acting, what she was, was a lie. She was wrong, and it broke her. She's still coming to terms with it, so she just blames moe.
File: 1391136920197.jpg (105.63 KB, 1280x720)
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105.63 KB JPG
You must have been one of those no-fun allowed fucks when Gurren Lagann was airing.
File: 1390345899916.jpg (729.88 KB, 1632x1224)
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729.88 KB JPG
Never give up.
The show escalated from

>guy watching super sentai shows as a kid
>makes a hero persona and stops people smoking in non-smoking areas, sorting garbage wrong, umbrella theft, etc.
>starts taking on real criminals
>it turns out there is a real evil criminal organization a-la his super sentai shows
>defeats them
>they were just pawns of a greater organization
>television superheroes are real
>the PM is behind it all
>American superheroes enter

Keeps me on my fucking toes, that's for sure.
Guess I should have mentioned

>PM cracks down on superheroes, arresting them all
Shippers will never give up, never be defeated, never hide, never accept worst girls
File: 1389296508547.jpg (38.20 KB, 1280x720)
38.20 KB
38.20 KB JPG
Moe best girl
Mari a shit
Mizuki is okay
>complete disaster

Yeah, no. And your explanation only explains how brilliant it is, not why it's a mess or a complete disaster.

The only problem with SF is the animation, but it's still better than having CG.
I actually quite liked the Flamengers arc, but I agree I'm glad we're back to solo Flamenco. I think the main reason I loved the Flamengers is it was so unexpected and I really love Sentai
I watched episodes 7-11 the other day. This is the stupidest shit I have ever watched. I have watched some stupid shit in my time too, believe me.

I have nothing against superhero shows or whatever, they can be enjoyable, but this whole show is just kind of half-assed.

Keep watching. No, seriously. You have no idea.
Moe is best idol
Mizuki is best girl for Masayoshi
Ishihara is best overall girl
>Mizuki is best girl for Masayoshi
Delusion train has no brakes eh?
File: 1391431500426.png (67.04 KB, 200x200)
67.04 KB
67.04 KB PNG
Nope, but it's all okay because even Masuda is part of that train.
He just said "They look good together" not "I totally ship them"
See >>101507760
>it was literally told before airing started that SF was going to be a super sentai show
>retards compeltely disregarded it and assumed that it was going to stay Kick-Ass in Japan forever
>shits were flipped at Guillotine Gorilla's appearance because of that reason even though the appearance of monsters was inevitable
>shits were flipped again when the show became a proper super sentai with From Beyond and the assembly of flamenco team even when that's precisely what the show was eventually going to be from the start

The only unexpected thing happened in the latest episode. That was literally the only twist in the entire show.

Basically, most of the show's audience are completely blind idiots who constructed an entire show in their heads, and they got completely freaked out when the actual show didn't conform to it. The same thing happened with Gargantia where people got butthurt because it didn't become a mecha war show when it was known from the fucking beginning that it was never going to be one.
I'm waiting for Mizuki to kick Mari's ass
It was bait and switch. People thought they get Tokusatsu: The Anime and got Kick-Ass then surprisingly, a lot of people liked it better that way. So they got mad when it changed to what it was been hyped to.

Although, Flamengers were a bit of a surprise because we only had promotional posters about booster suit and Kamen Rider Flamenco.
File: It was (not) a dream.png (65.65 KB, 1318x578)
65.65 KB
65.65 KB PNG
I started watching Flamenco without knowing anything about it (I watched as it aired), aside from knowing the guy wanted to be like a hero or something. So I wasn't expecting any of the "twists" we had so far. I was one of those thinking it was going to be a dream until I read some comment explaining what happened (pic related) and then I really understood what SF was about. I started enjoying it even more after that.

And no, I don't think this is a trainwreck.
The first six episodes were completely super-natural free. Completely. That's more than enough for someone to reasonably come to expect that there weren't going to be any crazy sentai hijinks.
So you're basically saying it was executed perfectly?
Flamen Robo's constituent mecha's are cleverly hidden in that promo poster with cast walking down a run way with a bunch of jets flying over them

They aren't even jets, it's Flamen Robo's const mechs fleying over them fucking completely overlooked that
I didn't know it was advertised as a super sentai show from the start. I still don't quite understand why they needed ALL of that buildup, though. If they don't go anywhere with it it'll be Robotics;Notes all over again. Well, actually, this shit, as dumb as it is, is probably already better than R;N
No, not really. It depends on exactly what you define as the perfect super-sentai show introduction.

If by 'perfect' you mean 'very suprising to those that didn't pay any attention to press releases, etc' then sure, why not.
Please don't use "sentai".

"Sentai" refers to a type of tokusatsu production that has superheroes fighting in a team with color-coded spandex suits.
>Please don't use
I meant to type "misuse".
>I still don't quite understand why they needed ALL of that buildup

For flavour.
Making a superhero show gradually evolve into full-blown super sentai by also referecing the recent fad of "realistic" hero series was a very good idea IMO, rather than just start out as full-blown super sentai.

Not everyhting has to have deep reasons or serve a higher purpose.
File: 1391126793791.gif (1.95 MB, 320x180)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
>not watching for Justice Man and his Justice Beam, Justice Tackle, and batting skills.
File: 1391131726733.gif (2.50 MB, 320x180)
2.50 MB
2.50 MB GIF
Do people really believe that the government is behind From Beyond? They had completely unknown cell structure, I don't think even the power of the whole country is enough to come up with something like that. They most likely just piggybacked the invasion to raise their ratings.

Also, Beyond Flamenco was talking about the phases this show is going through, that was obviously something incredibly important. Too bad we don't have enough info to make sense of it.
File: 1391129218540.gif (2.51 MB, 422x238)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF
File: 2262.jpg (60.44 KB, 1280x720)
60.44 KB
60.44 KB JPG
Flamenco needs a hero, Bring back Guillotine Gorilla to kill the Government.
>They most likely just piggybacked the invasion to raise their ratings.
File: 1384353914914.png (1.01 MB, 720x1494)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>Mizuki this
>Mizuki that
There will be a confrontation for Mari next episode. And when she gets confronted, she realizes how shitty she really is and becomes a nice girl.

Mari wins the SamFlam.
Samflam just became metal gear

>Masayoshi remember the basics of CQC

>flamenrobot becomes a nuclear detterance that has king tortures AI programmed into it

>PM goes full nanomachines son

>Final battle is a fist fight between masayoshi using his old costume vs the PM
>the director was Kojima
Sam flam then gets a spin off about how masayoshi never had parents and beyond flamenco was really telling the truth about being brothers

>There was one they called Big Flamenco

>did you rike it?
>implying the director isn't Miyazaki
>implying SamFlam wasn't a story about having friends that you can count on
File: 1390746552618.jpg (32.06 KB, 640x470)
32.06 KB
32.06 KB JPG
>Big Flamenco
File: E3818AE6B8A1E38197.jpg (589.90 KB, 1224x1632)
589.90 KB
589.90 KB JPG
Stupid. The only woman who wins Masayoshi is Justice.

A-although, I do hope Masuda hooks up with Ichimichi.
File: Nisa_Battle_end.png (126.08 KB, 494x306)
126.08 KB
126.08 KB PNG
Did someone say JUSTICE?
File: 41242672_big_p0.jpg (96.59 KB, 590x790)
96.59 KB
96.59 KB JPG
I believe so.
>Inb4 she ends up as Goto's Gf.

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