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Was Karin ever raped or is she a sex-crazed nymph or something to that effect? I find it weird that she has bite marks all over her body like that instead of much more easy to reach places. Did Sasuke fuck it? Probably not but I can see Suigetsu being ballsy enough to pull it.
The only person Sasuke is fucking is Naruto. Naruto is one huge metaphor for a gay romance turned sour, I wrote a paper on it.
Kishi might have had something like this back when he knew shit about how to write.

At any rate she's a deviant.

So why did he add in those orgasm scenes again?
Just sitting here thinking... someone probably bit all around her tits and ass for Chakra...
I would've liked her a lot more if it weren't her attachment to Sasuke
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>I wrote a paper on it

I'm intrigued
I think there's actually some good doujins about that. This seems fappable.

>she got bite marks all over her china

Post it.

It's very easy to read Naruto's obsession with Sasuke as homosexual - and I'm not even a fujoshi - but it's completely one-sided, and it certainly doesn't make the rest of the series a metaphor.

Yeah, which is what I though at first, too, and which is why I want to read it.

If he actually put some thought into it beyond that five year old bullshit, then I'd love to hear it.

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